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Tremendous Tuesday.

So, It’s Tuesday, the week moves slowly toward the weekend again, the circle continue’s as always, busses are late, trains are packed, roads are congested…
As I sit here with my coffee.
I wonder if life will ever be the same again, wonder if my life could change with the stroke of a pen, with the power of words, with a flourish of ink and that ultimate moment when I hit send.
Will you read?
Will you love?
Will you desire more?
Will I tease?
Will I smile that smile that you love to see?
Will I entertain?
We shall see…..

The Almost Famous and Pondering Author.

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Mundane Monday

So, Monday has crept upon us again, the wonders of the weekend slowly fading like distant memories, the sun hides behind clouds as if it is embarrassed that it has done something it can’t remember.
Alarm clocks are silenced with such malice, you wonder what they did so wrong to be treated so badly.
Kettles boil so slowly the milk goes sour and toaster’s are so lethargic that they simply don’t have the strength to pop the toast up before it burns their tiny parts…..
Welcome to Monday.
Let it pass quickly, if we ignore it enough Tuesday may come save us and the world will be right again.
The Almost Famous and Caffeine Deprived Author.

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Good evening.

So, another day, another dollar they say……

Today was as productive as always, phone calls, meetings, the heat, these things all mean one thing.

The weekend can not come quickly enough. I feel a trip to the beach coming on, warm sand between my toes, the cool of the ocean breeze rolling across my chest, soft hands applying sun cream to my back.

In an ideal world I wouldn’t have tan lines, but in an ideal world i wouldn’t have a mortgage either.

Come to me sun, shine your light across my skin, warm my soul with your rays, tan my flesh til it is golden and firm, make me warm, fill my days with smiles and laughter and my nights with…..other things.

The Almost Famous and Sun Kissed Author.


The Moment.

The Moment.
The single most emotive moment in most people’s lives. That single moment when light dances before your eyes, skin feels electricity crackle between two bodies.

Sometimes one.

That moment that could last seconds but ebbs out for what feels like forever when you close your eyes and hold back….just….for…..a………….second.

You release and the world explodes before you in colour and light and noise inside like no other. Like a wave crashing over you.

Like your body is uncontrollable just for that moment.

Muscles clench, a fire burns inside, molten desire spills from you and the cascade of feeling, senses and pleasure wash and dance over you.

And when it fades as it ultimately does your body, your entire being knows that the sweat, the panting, the soft caress, the build up, the grip of the sheets was all worth it!

That moment.

Shared or otherwise is a gift.

Cherish that moment.

The Almost Famous and Slightly Erotic Author.

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The Moment Before.

So, its late Saturday night. I watched the Proms on BBC4 earlier. Well….listened really. Not always my thing but I love a bit of Beethoven and couldn’t resist.
Which got me thinking about musical tastes and how I embrace most kinds of music to some extent and how music makes you feel.
Happy, sad and everything in between.
Which brings me to the next post I am about to upload.
It’s called The Moment.
Hope you enjoy.
The almost famous author.

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When Saturday comes…..

So, good afternoon all. Took a stroll in to town today, had a wonderful egg baguette with some hand fried crisps. Was delicious.
Sat and listened to a rock n roll band busking in the street for a while and recorded myself with ideas for future posts.
The rest of my day is uncertain.
Somebody close is doing a barbecue. The smells and aromas are drifting in to my garden.
I think I’ll open a bottle of cider.
It’s a nice summery drink.
Until we next speak.
The almost famous author.