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Finally Friday!

So, the weekend is finally upon us. Just a few hours til I can relax with a bottle of wine, some Nina and the sun shine. I’m sure somebody will spoil it at some point but don’t they always?
Anyway, the almost famous author has been working hard on ideas.
More to come…..



So, good day. I’m slowly getting the hang of Twitter. I have two followers already! Two. Count them. I’ve been looking through this suggested people and similar to you list. The thing is the people they suggest are nothing like me. Some aren’t even sapient. I’m suspecting some aren’t even human. I had to laugh at the person calling themselves The Drip…..that’s basically it. A drip. Drip. Drip.
Genius really, I don’t know how people come up with this stuff.
Sarcasm really doesn’t work.well here does it.
Though the people I do follow seem lovely, thus far I’ve been thoroughly entertained.
I can’t imagine how people keep up with hundreds or even thousands of followers.
But anyway. Must dash. Things to ponder. Words to write.



Terrific Tuesday.

So, here we are again.
Today was great. Got a lot achieved. Can’t wait for what tomorrow brings. Will be a truly fantastic day. Dependant on weather, location, mood, company and bank balance.
So good night all.
Not actually sure if anybody has read this yet.
No matter. One day.
Good night.

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