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Finally Frantic Friday.

So, Good morning, lovers, muses, friends.
I was woken abruptly this morning.
So I have a little time to myself before the world around me explodes.
Yesterday saw the second part of three poems in reply to my own.
I can’t wait for part three.
And as I sit here. Patently waiting for my espresso to filter through I am contemplating the weekend.
I’m sure I will have a lot on my hands. Oh yes.
All those little jobs from the week.
Shopping. Uggh.
How does one live on basic rations?
But no matter.
I shall shine through.
Next week brings bright things.
For me.
For others.
Some time in the week I will be posting a new page.
Currently adorned with a few simple words.
But don’t touch.
It’s only the beginning.

The Almost Famous Author.



I look.
You see.
We dance.
We slip away.
Those looks.
Our fingers.
A key.
It’s turned.
Our moment.
We smile.
We slowly.
Peel away.
These clothes.
We wear.
To hide.
Our frames.
We slide.
As if.
Were one.
We gasp.
With pleasure.
And then.
I thrust.
You arch.
I nip.
You dig.
I kiss.
You moan.
I taste.
You grab.
I lick.
You drag.
I pinch.
You spank.
I squeeze.
You grind.
I pound.
You grip.
I hold.
You clench.
I flourish.
You scream.
We grip.
We breathe.
We gasp.
Our chests.
They pound.
My love.
I’ve found.
And yours.
Found too.
We smile.
We lay.
We close.
Our eyes.
We sleep.
We wake.
Now changed.
Our lives.



Close your eyes.
Think of me.
I’m there my love.
Can you taste?
Can you see?
Are you thinking naughty thoughts?
Are you gasping and grasping?
Are you wishing I was there?
Doing all those wonderful things.
Making you grip.
And making you moan.
Making you wiggle.
Making you moan.
Watching with pleasure.
Watching you smile.
At least I could listen.
Imagine I’m there.
At least I could hear you.
Gasping in my ear.
At least I could join you.
My hand on my own.
Feeling for you.
Wishing it was you.
And not mine.
All alone.
Wanting you with me.
But your far away.
Wishing you here.
Not soon.
But today.
But for now.
I can not.
So just imagine I’m there.
And squeeze.
And bite.
And breathe.
Breathe my love.



When you take a shower.
Do you think of me?
Washing you all over.
Doing what I do.
Do you think I’m there with you.
Kissing your soft flesh.
Trailing kisses down your chest.
Slowly up your leg.
Do you think of when I placed.
Your leg astride my neck.
And how I spent an age down there. As water cascades down your body.
And how you clenched so tightly.
And how your leg gave way.
As I slowly devoured you.
In the shower that day.
How I span you round to face.
Those cool white tiles.
How it felt.
Your breasts pressed hard.
Against that smooth ice wall.
My hands. 
My mouth.
Every inch.
And how it felt.
When I filled you.
And soul.


Tuesday Tirade.

So, it is Tuesday.
The week begins for this poor Brit after an exciting weekend.
May I say. Extended weekend.
And though I may not be here in body. Know that I am in soul and spirit. Know that when your reading this that I’m stood next to you or sat on the sofa with my espresso and a smile.
Oh of course!
I will pop in to post a poem. Say hi quickly and even reply some tweets but I am going to be a busy boy.
Enjoy your day.
Enjoy your week.
I will be in to take a peek.
If your nude.
I’ll hide my eyes.
At least I’ll try.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.


When I think of you.

When I sit and think of you.
My heart it sings.
It yearn’s for you.
I ponder all the things we’ve said.
How you blushed.
Your face went red.
My words like prose.
To your sweet soul.
To love forever.
Is my goal.
To hold you in my arms again.
To hear you laugh.
To watch you smile.
I sit and think.
For a long long while.
I think of all the fun we’ve had.
Like how I made you so so sad.
Like how you laughed.
Then punched my arm.
My wit and words.
My loving charm.
Of times we spend.
In each others care.
I love the way you flick your hair.
I love the way you dance when nude.
I know sometimes you think I’m crude.
And when I see your face again.
You know you’ll be embraced.
You know you’ll be kissed.
You know you’ll be loved.
Til then…..