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Truthful Thursday.


So, you (The Reader) don’t know a lot about me (The Author).

Here are a few facts….

I love Brussel Sprouts.
But I hate liver.

I love classical music but I also love dance.
I hate polka.

I love the Queen.
I also love the King…uhuuuhhh…

I love the rain.
I dislike the heat but not when its hot.

I love driving.
I hate the bus.

I love movies.
I hate sitcoms.

I love to dance.
I hate to move.

I love to write…evidently.
I hate silence.

I love life.
I look forward to the next one.

I love making people smile.
I hate making people sad.

I love camping.
I hate campers.

I love mottos.
I hate mentos.

I love red wine.
I hate champagne.

I love you all.
I hope you love me too.

I love delightful things.
I don’t like surprises.

I love moments.
I love the sunrise.
I love reading.
I love watching.
I love to be loved….hint.

I have a complete dislike of spiders!

I love the theater.
I love live music.
I don’t like Westlife.

Have a wonderful Thursday all who stumble upon my humble blog.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

5 thoughts on “Truthful Thursday.

  1. Love to read about the things you love, I hate it that I do not talk to you as often as I would like to, I love when you wake me up the past two mornings, I hate it that it will end soon, I loved that you said hi to me today, I hate it that you probably wont tomorrow, but maybe you will..

  2. Nice looking at yr earlier thoughts & roots of inspiration.

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