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Fabulous Friday.

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So, one day I’m going to run out of things for each day. Fabulous Friday, Truthful Thursday….
What’s next?
Monsoon Monday?
Washed out Wednesday?
Hahaha Tingling Tuesday!

They could get random, who knows.
Though until that time comes I will do my best to find weird and wonderful titles.
So, to Friday.
The weekend starts here! Or so some DJ used to say, its Friday, the weather is keeping us on our toes as always. I’m wearing speedo’s and a winter coat, ski’s and swimming goggles.
A man for all seasons or simply eccentric….disturbed? Doubtful.
I have a certificate of sanity around here somewhere.
Friday brings us hope, something to look forward to and the desire to cram as much excitement in to two days as humanly possible.
As someone else says…..it could get messy.
But whatever your doing.
Enjoy it.

The Almost Famous and Well Dressed Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “Fabulous Friday.

  1. Well if that isn’t a Happy Birthday to me message, I don’t know what is! LMAO…not so much! Never the less maybe this year will be better! Potato <— you don't know what you started with that!

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