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Sensational Saturday.

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So, not a typical Saturday for me, retail therapy! The wardrobe has been cleared, old for new, money changed hands and pockets emptied.
A strange satisfaction rolls over me, old clothes gone to charity and new ones bought in the never ending sales we have now a days.
At least someone can put my worn or too small/big clothes to good use. Some poor soul will be wearing a salt rock hoodie or a pair of very nice converse trainers. Even a suit jacket! At least its a start. At least its something.
So, as I sit here with my espresso and my copy of the Big Issue. The vendor having a very shiny iPhone and dazzling white Nike trainers.
I think, can I do more? Could we all do more? Then I think maybe yes. Some already excel at giving, donating their time, money, clothes, experience.
Then there are those who will never do such deeds.

Anyway. That’s the closest I will come to a rant.
And my coffee is going cold.


Have a wonderful Saturday all.

The Almost Famous and Almost Out Of Pocket Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “Sensational Saturday.

  1. Enjoy your coffee 🙂 Charitable one x

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