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Monday Madness! And Tuesday Tweeting!

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So, Good morning all and welcome to Tuesday. This blog or at least part of it was meant to go out yesterday. Monday. Though, due to my day taking some unexpected and not entirely unpleasant turns you get a double whammy today!
I know!
You are such lucky people.
So, Monday, well……Monday consisted of me spending copious amounts of time to do my managers job. Writing down exactly what I do and how long it takes. This should do me well as it allows me to once more decide what I do, when I want to do it. Which also means closing the door and having a sneaky…..nap.
So, due to this new and exciting arrangement I will be…..napping….today at some point.
Who knows what shadows await when I close my eyes.
Though on a lighter note, today….Tuesday….holds great excitement.
For one. It’s Tuesday! That’s one day closer to the weekend than Monday and two….well that’s it really because there is still time for somebody to ruin it for us all. Not looking in any direction Mr Cameron….
And the wheels go round and the corporate machine spew’s new and exciting ways to make us feel small and demoralized.
Blue sky thinking!
Probably a job writing greetings cards would be more appropriate for some?
All the sincerity and love of a Gas Bill!

To….insert name here….

Were sorry you’ve been repossessed. Hope you like your bedsit!

All our wishes….insert name of global company here….

A bit cheesy?

I need more coffee I think.
Hopefully today I will be on Twitter a little more. I may even have a conversation. Oh the thought alone gives me tingles, interacting with somebody miles away!
Will I find friendship?
Will I find my headphones?
Will I find that pound coin I lost down the back of the sofa?
Who knows?
Whatever I find I’m sure it will be good.

That wasn’t part of the card.

Until my brain is in full swing.

The Almost Famous and Cheesy Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

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