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Wednesday Wake-up.


So, today brings us the mid week. The point between good and evil. Old and new. Monday and Friday. I hate to go over old ground but it never fails to make me smile, a wonderful flourish of smiles all round the room when you announce “were half way there people!” And punch the air as if in a movie.
But there’s always one who grumble’s about why its not good. Blah blah….
It’s rubbish. Hoodies, drunks, young people!
I think they forget their youth, days spent drinking or more, nights spent on beaches with friends. Staring at the stars, playing music too loud, dancing in the shower.
Enough about my weekend though.
And yes I do dance in the shower, though I do not sing in to the shower head as if its a microphone.
Always makes me think of the bath scene in Lost Boys.
Corey Haim screeching out “I ain’t got a dog!” Or something only audible to dogs…..
If you remember that you’ll be smiling. If not Google it.
Which makes me think of cinema and movies in my life even more, I think of the first film I cried at. Don’t ask you’ll laugh!
The first film I saw in the cinema.
The film I was so disappointed with I complained to the cinema.
Popcorn. Huge portions. Coke.
Not the drug.
VIP seating. Surround Sound!
All these things make cinema great.
But strip these things back and what do we have?
A story.
One of love.
Big Sharks and Bigger Boats!
You know who you are Lucas!
Clubs. Breakfast thru Fight….
The first rule of the Breakfast Club is you shouldn’t share your emotions unless in a library on a Saturday morning with people you dislike. Don’t know or are socially above. 
The first rule of Fight Club is You Don’t Talk About Fight Club.
And also no matter how hard you try you’ll never have Ab’s like that!
So complicated…..but I am rambling…
Lives are stories.
Search for your happy ending. Your pot of gold. Your national treasure. Your one true love. Your father, daughter, mother, son.
The perfect kiss.
The one ring!

You don’t need surround sound for that but I bet your soundtrack is brilliant!

The Almost Famous and Alive & Kicking Author.

*punches the air*


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wake-up.

  1. Laughing soundtrack is excellent 🙂 Happy Wednesday x

  2. First of all, I would like to know the name of the movie that made you cry. So…what was it? I’d love a laugh. Second, I’ve been referencing the Judd Nelson fist pump since last week and have been receiving confused looks. Thank you for the validation that I am not crazy, but I am awesome

    Great post. Hurry up and get famous.

    Fellow movie lover and reigning campion of The Movie Game,


    • Well good evening panda my dear. The movie was truly madly deeply starring Alan Rickman. He dies of a sore throat in it. And let those people stare no more.

      *punches the air*

      The Most Famous Author.

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