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Thunderous Tuesday


So, Tuesday….what will it bring?
What will it hold?
Currently I listen to my iPod on my desk dock. Shuffle bringing an array of different music to my ears, from hip hop….I know aren’t I diverse….to classical to rock.
My pen is my drum. My work space my keyboard. My guitar is the air around me.
I’m a step from screaming “thank-you London!” May even make a makeshift bandana from my tie. Though that would be far to white snake for my liking.
Anyway, Monday was a wonderful day. New followers on Twitter bought me joy and excitement. An interview may be on the cards…what shall I wear? Other than the usual. A smile.
But hello to all old and new.
I hope your day brings you joy, excitement and a moment….or three.

The Almost Famous Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

4 thoughts on “Thunderous Tuesday

  1. Happy Tuesday Darwin 🙂 I shall join you in air guitar x

  2. Hello Mr Blake. Hope you have a wonderful day. You’re enthusiasm is infectious! 🙂

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