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Wake-up Wednesday.

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So, in this humble Authors opinion its all looking good from here. Tuesday bought new friends and some interesting messages on Twitter. And by interesting I mean in a good way.
And as I sit here writing I am randomly thinking about a tweet I read. The word monkey stuck in my head. Not a baby monkey. Oh no. Nor the band but that was two e’s on the end.
I think of Monkey!
The demi god.
Of terrible tv legend.
A show that I loved as a boy.
A show that never seemed to end!
And to the Buddhist priest.
I won’t pretend I know his name.
Trippicaca or something but….I remember knowing that he was actually a she. An actress played the part because of the purity of the character.
Which brings me on to the fact that I found this very sexy.
Bugs Bunny in a dress.
Jessica Rabbit.
Now were talking…..
Is it wrong to know but still want it?
Is it wrong to want by knowing?
Am I just truly confused and thinking without enough coffee in my system?
But still.
Jessica Rabbit is fucking hot.

The Almost Famous and Almost Confused Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

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