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You drive me mad.
It’s true you do.
My love It’s endless.
Just for you.
You find my faults.
You pick at me.
And if I’m low.
You cuddle me.
You hold me close.
Make me feel loved.
I’ve always loved your wonder hugs. You make me smile.
Yes deep inside.
Your crazy when you get quite mad. You swear at me.
And I swear back.
But best of all.
We laugh at that.
I wonder why you love me so.
It must be for my little flaws.
Maybe its my wicked smile.
That cheeky grin.
Those deep brown eyes.
You love me just because I am.
Simply put I am.
For you.
That’s my plan.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

3 thoughts on “Crazy.

  1. What woman wouldn’t want to hear these words? Beautiful.

  2. To be driven mad=Bliss

  3. That’s true and real love isn’t it!?! Just lovely my new friend šŸ™‚

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