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Tolerable Thursday.


So, good morning all. I trust you are well. Nod or shake your head as required. I will know.
Yesterday was a whirlwind. My evening full of bright lights and loud sounds. I may or may not have been in a club.
But all in all a wonderful evening.
So, to Thursday and we are nearing the weekend.
Mine will be full of excitement I’m sure and quotes from all will be written down and plagerised.
My favourite from the other day was “why don’t we do it in the rain?” 
Blank stares and a wave of laughter ensued.
So, as I sit here and write this I’m watching my fellow passengers wash by. One ear being soothed by the strains of Brahms. The other listening to the thrum of conversation and the click clack of rails.
People tapping away at keyboards.
Others chatting.
Some reading.
And some sat in silent bliss. Eyes closed and listening to whatever soothes them on their journey.
Haha I see a copy of Fifty. A lip clenched between teeth and a squirm of legs. Stomach clenching in lustful thoughts of Mr Grey.
Somebody called it Mummy Porn recently.
Very funny.
But such interesting words.
Look past the stomach clenching and eye widening parts and even still there is a wonderful story of a girl and a boy.
A chiseled and extremely hot boy but none the less. A girl and a boy.

Words are wonderful.
Words are prose.
Some words get right up my nose.

Haha. I just loled at myself.

Anyway. To Thursday. Raise your glasses. Paper cups. Travel mugs. Company logo embossed coffee mugs.
And enjoy your day.
It can only get better.

The Almost Famous and Caffeine Fueled Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

4 thoughts on “Tolerable Thursday.

  1. Thanks for an smile for a Thursaday morning 🙂

  2. A poet on the dance floor? Are you poetry in motion, Mr. Blake?

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