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So, Friday was such a busy day for me, so please please forgive my absence.
I rushed to one meeting across the city only to find it had been cancelled, made phone calls and saw old friends to set up another.
Eventually the first rescheduled for noon and the other for three. That one did not finish til seven.
Though on the whole it was truly productive and great steps were made toward the greater good and the safety of those who travel around me. Though I can say no more.
And this is why I fell asleep just after nine. An exhausting day with nowhere near enough coffee.
And so to Saturday and even Sunday, who knows.
If I am not online it is simply because I am enjoying some peace. My laptop off. My phone in a drawer. Though I wish I could spend all my days on Twitter and the like.
If I did so, I would never write anything down……and that is what you all want to see.
Am I wrong?
I hope not.

The Almost Famous Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

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