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Truly Tremendous Tuesday.

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So, I do hope everybody is enjoying my prose, I do enjoy writing it and it fills my heart knowing it is being appreciated.
My days have been filled with work and nights with work taken home. I’ve written when I can but its difficult. This coming week I may be absent due to previous commitments though I will do my very best to check in and make sure you are all content and not missing me too much. Haha. Yes very smug of myself. But I say this in jest.
So the weekend was very busy, I enjoyed the company of friends and family. Also a few cheeky glasses of wine. Mmmmmmm that warms my soul.
My hands have been very busy recently, writing replies to messages.
Writing prose among other things.  
Many espressos have been consumed. Tuna on rye devoured with gusto.
So, my real life is calling me again.
Enjoy your day, your evening, your fantasies.
Until we are cats.

The Almost Famous Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “Truly Tremendous Tuesday.

  1. Catch you soon beautiful 🙂 and the TOR will taste all the better xxx

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