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Thoughts of Together.


Thoughts of you.

Thoughts of me.

Thoughts of us.


As one.

With each other.


Bodies collide.

In throws of passion.

Oceans break.

Empires fall.

Stars explode in a shimmering display.

Just for us.

Because we are.


So far but so close.

When your here.

So is my heart.

When you go.

So does my heart.

Your a part.

A piece.

A lego brick of love.

Without you I am incomplete.

Whit you I am whole.


Not in dreams.

Not in fantasy.

Not in another life.

But now.



Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts of Together.

  1. That is so breathtakingly beautiful. You amaze me with your prose.

  2. Wow. Sweet dreams to you too…

  3. I ❤ THIS!

  4. Can not stop smiling, especially the term lego brick of love, we all wonder ( well some have found it) who and where our piece of lego is? Oh you make me melt…I could get used to waking up to you saying such beautiful things.

  5. Love the poem. Makes me think.

  6. This was very…thought provoking. Eloquent, beautiful, full of imagery and passion. The swoon-o-meter is off the charts on this one. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.

  7. When I read this my heart actually started to beat faster! One of your best so far Mr Blake 🙂

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