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Fun Friday!

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So, Friday is here once more.
The weekend calls me with offers of sun, sea and sweet escape.
And I will take this opportunity to tell you all that I may be slightly quiet next week as I will be very busy with my work. I know. No electronics….again.
But I will be around.
This week saw my blog explode.
My Twitter went nuclear.
And I also managed a little interview. Which went well I think.
Like the Fresh Prince, my life went flip turned upside down…..
Fun times have been had.
And so I look forward. Til the next post.
Or other…..

Until we are cats.

The Almost Famous Author.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “Fun Friday!

  1. ‘Until we are cats…’
    I like that. Involves a leap of faith does it not Mr Blake…..? 😉
    Glad things are going so well for you. You deserve the recognition.

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