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When I think of you.


When I sit and think of you.
My heart it sings.
It yearn’s for you.
I ponder all the things we’ve said.
How you blushed.
Your face went red.
My words like prose.
To your sweet soul.
To love forever.
Is my goal.
To hold you in my arms again.
To hear you laugh.
To watch you smile.
I sit and think.
For a long long while.
I think of all the fun we’ve had.
Like how I made you so so sad.
Like how you laughed.
Then punched my arm.
My wit and words.
My loving charm.
Of times we spend.
In each others care.
I love the way you flick your hair.
I love the way you dance when nude.
I know sometimes you think I’m crude.
And when I see your face again.
You know you’ll be embraced.
You know you’ll be kissed.
You know you’ll be loved.
Til then…..

Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

2 thoughts on “When I think of you.

  1. I don’t think it was meant to…but this poem made me cry. Beautiful…Just beautiful.

  2. Just re-read …I really love this

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