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Close your eyes.
Think of me.
I’m there my love.
Can you taste?
Can you see?
Are you thinking naughty thoughts?
Are you gasping and grasping?
Are you wishing I was there?
Doing all those wonderful things.
Making you grip.
And making you moan.
Making you wiggle.
Making you moan.
Watching with pleasure.
Watching you smile.
At least I could listen.
Imagine I’m there.
At least I could hear you.
Gasping in my ear.
At least I could join you.
My hand on my own.
Feeling for you.
Wishing it was you.
And not mine.
All alone.
Wanting you with me.
But your far away.
Wishing you here.
Not soon.
But today.
But for now.
I can not.
So just imagine I’m there.
And squeeze.
And bite.
And breathe.
Breathe my love.

Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

2 thoughts on “Breathe.

  1. Yeah, I’m wishing I was there…not soon, but now. *closing my eyes*

  2. Yes imagine!!! Very good Mr. Blake 🙂 TY

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