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My friend.

My friend your always there for me. To guide.
To warn.
To help me see.
I bend your ear.
You help me out.
Your always there.
Without a doubt.
You make me smile.
Without a word.
I’ll always be.
In debt to you.
I’ll never meet.
Another like you.
Your charming wit.
With grace and style.
My heart you always make it smile.
Without you friend.
My world would change.
My love for you will never end.
I want to take the time and say.
I’m here for you.
In any way.


Gabriel’s Poem.

Gabriel you changed her life.
The Angel guarded with your own.
She’s safe with you.
She knows this true.
Never to leave again.
Simple words.
An orchard in darkness.
Under a blanket.
Her first.
Under the stars.
His scent on cashmere.
Warm to hold.
Her secret never told.
A happy night. 
A dance.
Her arms around you.
And yours round her.
Those eyes so deep.
A kiss.
Lips brush. 
A soft embrace.
A taste of flesh.
Insides clenched.
That wonderful scent.
And together.
You two shall be.

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Fun Friday!

So, Friday is here once more.
The weekend calls me with offers of sun, sea and sweet escape.
And I will take this opportunity to tell you all that I may be slightly quiet next week as I will be very busy with my work. I know. No electronics….again.
But I will be around.
This week saw my blog explode.
My Twitter went nuclear.
And I also managed a little interview. Which went well I think.
Like the Fresh Prince, my life went flip turned upside down…..
Fun times have been had.
And so I look forward. Til the next post.
Or other…..

Until we are cats.

The Almost Famous Author.

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Your legs they hold such sweet delight.

The shimmer in the morning light.

I sit and gaze before you wake.

You slide and slink.

Soft and smooth.

Cool and fresh.

I can’t resist.

My mind it wanders.

To thoughts of lust.

To running my fingers along.

Touching soft flesh.

Feeling you under my hand.

My lips against them.

Dragging against you.

Wondrous images dance in my head.

Enticing me.

Exciting me.

Drawing me close.

I touch.

I feel.

My heart beat grows.

You stir.


Here ends the prose.


Thoughts of Together.

Thoughts of you.

Thoughts of me.

Thoughts of us.


As one.

With each other.


Bodies collide.

In throws of passion.

Oceans break.

Empires fall.

Stars explode in a shimmering display.

Just for us.

Because we are.


So far but so close.

When your here.

So is my heart.

When you go.

So does my heart.

Your a part.

A piece.

A lego brick of love.

Without you I am incomplete.

Whit you I am whole.


Not in dreams.

Not in fantasy.

Not in another life.

But now.




Brave, a word used too much.
Brave is someone battling illness.
Brave is someone going against the grain.
Someone who gives all but expects nothing.
Brave is the person who goes out of their way to help others.
Brave is someone who is charitable.
Brave is that person who stands up against oppression.
Against those who would dominate. Brave is you.
Brave is me.
But only if you want to be.



Darkness it consumes my soul.
My being strains at its dark goal.
Will it engulf my body whole.
Will my life cease to exist.
Will I be remembered.
Even missed.
Will you stand there at my grave.
Being brave.
Will those friend come from my past.
To say nice things.
Or just be crass.
I really hope not just because.
If they do they can kiss my ass!


Wednesday Wonderful Wednesday.

So, this morning I awoke to email and DM. It would seem that some are wondering about the mystery of Mr Darwin Blake.
Am I somebody on Twitter?
Am I somebodys husband?
Am I an old man?
Am I a woman?
I am Darwin Blake.
That is all you need to know.
Nobody has asked me, which is a little disappointing.
Just ask.
You won’t get silence.
I will answer as truthfully as I can.
But don’t speculate. Don’t fight for my time. My tweets. My work.
It’s mine.
To be shared as I see fit.
As I desire.
I love all of my followers and want to share with all.
Not be the center of fighting between different blogs or groups.
Life is too short.
Embrace each other for what you have is truly wonderful.
No sadness.
No bitterness.
It’s what we do that makes us.
Not who we do it with.
So, go out and embrace life.
Each other.
Because all I want is to share with you all.
And the last person I want to see hurt is myself.

The Almost Famous and Giving Author.