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The True Beginning…

This wonderful piece of writing is from my wonderful friend Mrs Katie Magnet. If not for The AVI, there would be no The Flourish…

Her comment on my post The Kiss is as follows…


I think it started with an e-mail game that challenged the quickest response , Laughing can not believe this wonder came from this , interrupted poor attempt xx


For weeks I had fought the urge that surged through me each time his picture appeared on my screen. We had agreed at last to meet. As I slipped on the deep purple basque I felt my nipples swell in expectation of his touch. Momentarily I closed my eyes and imagined them in his mouth, his tweets over the weeks had told me he would be a tender lover to begin with. Reaching for the stockings that lay on the bed, I carefully sat down viewing my image in the mirror, wondering if he would be pleased with what he saw. The stockings glided up my leg,caressing my skin as I imagined his tongue would.

The shoes caught my eye peeking out from the tissue paper. I had bought them specially for him. I knew he liked them high, with thin elegant heels. My stomach muscles clenched and I felt the deep burning desire building inside me. I wanted him there now touching me, taking me, wanting me and screaming my name. I struggled to my feet, every nerve in my body feeling the silk that covered me, wanting it to be him, his mouth, his tongue, his body next to mine.

In a daze I pulled the dress from the hangar, the soft cashmere caressing my body as it glided down. In the mirror I saw the glint in my eye and my already swollen lips waiting for his kiss. I applied my lipstick carefully wondering just where it would be left tonight. The thought made me burn, my clitoris pulsating, the slightest touch would send me over the edge. I pulled open the drawer and removed the box. I felt my face flush as I remembered selecting the anal beads just for him. The granite grey steel glinting in the light made me quickly gather my wrap and handbag. I needed to be in the hotel room with him now. My body could wait no more.

Mrs Katie Magnet © 2012


This makes me smile now , super star x

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Burning bright.
You light the way.
Until dusk.
The end of day.
But soon return.
To shine my way.
The right path.
I see the way.
And sometimes bright.
I shield my eyes.
But never scared.
Your golden glow.
It warms my soul.
You never will grow cold.
You tan my skin.
Sometimes cause harm.
Help the flowers grow.
And when I’m gone.
You’ll still be there.
Shining bright.
Casting shadows.
Until the dawn my friend.

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A Guest Poem by Laura A.

You don’t recall when it happened – the shift between you
But it’s there, unsaid, unspoken
You leave it alone, hoping, willing it to go away
But it grows, like a web
The feelings scare you
And you try to avoid him yet he is everywhere
He whispers that he wants you
And you can barely breathe – he waits for your response
You are paralysed
This is not going to happen
You need to run, think, escape
But you don’t
He waits
And so it begins.

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Lady J.

You move as if you were drawn bad. My body tingles.
I go mad.
Your auburn hair.
Your curves so sweet.
That voice like silk.
Eyes like pools.
Oh so deep.
You bat your lashes.
Pout your lips.
Oh to kiss them.
A dream come true.
A celluloid queen.
Standing tall upon the screen.
So many love you.
I’m not surprised.
I’d spend a life time.
In your arms.
So sweet.
So sexy.
So demure.
Such beauty to behold.
A flame haired siren.
Full of life.
Glittering like gold.
My heart it pounds.
My lip does tremble.
A life so good.
With you, I’m sure.
But only in my dreams you come.
A frightened rabbit.
In headlights.
Is what I am.
When you’re around.
Burlesque thoughts they fill my head.
My heart it longs for your sweet sound.
My feet they hardly touch the ground.
But back to earth I quickly come.
Until my dreams.
Until the dawn.


Oh my days…

The way you look at me so sweetly.
Oh my days…
The way you stand in the moonlight.
Oh my days…
The way you toy with me.
Oh the ways…
The way you show me all the ways.
Oh my days…
The way you slink beneath the sheets.
Oh my days…
The way you rush to see me.
Oh my days…
The way you hold me tight at night.
Oh my days…
The way you wake me from a daze.
Oh my days…
The way you dance beneath the moon.
Oh my days…
The way you rock me.
Oh my days…
The way you love me.
For always…

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Standing there with darkness.
Holding all our lives.
The reaper grins with malice.
Waiting for the time.
With silent death.
He comes when called.
The hour glass sand diminished.
And swish it goes.
That scythe so sharp.
They say he never misses.
But does he have a gentle side?
Loves kittens I do hear.
In his black world of nothingness.
I wouldn’t be surprised.
His shadow long.
His ancient robes.
His fingers bone and skull behold.
A figure tall.
A grin so wide.
I’d hate to look.
Deep inside.
He has seen tragedy.
Death and murder.
From King to kin.
Friend or foe.
He’s impartial.
When he comes.
You will surely go.
To where though.
I don’t know.
A dark domain.
A happy place.
When I’m there.
I’ll let you know.
But til my time.
I will avoid.
That scary.
Reaper Man.

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So young but wise.
Power untold.
You show me the way.
Without you my place is dull.
Your back to me.
Nothing to say.
But still I smile.
I see you nod.
Always here.
Sometimes strange.
The looks you get.
But I always defend you.
That’s my way.
Never part from me.
To you this I plead.
Stay with me.
Every day.
Through times so good.
And dark, damp days.
I know you’ll be here.
As you wish.
Is what I say.
For me.
For you.


Last night…

Last night you said those words to me.
Those simple loving words.
Those three.
You thought I was asleep you see.
But smiling with my back to you.
Your hands caressed my flesh.
Along my hip and down my leg.
Took my scent in from my hair.
Kissed me softly on my neck.
Made me bite my lip.
I felt the clench.
My legs held tight.
Made me want to turn to you.
To give all my world.
To you.
But then…
As you whispered…
I love you.
My heart did melt.
My body too.
And fell asleep.
Can’t wait til dawn…