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I hold your arms.
I take you there.
I thrills me so.
I take control.
I take your body, heart and soul.
I take my pleasure.
I give you back.
I bind you tight.
I have my will.
I take my time.
I take what’s mine.
I give you all.
I take what’s wanted.
I give desires.
The light.
The darkness.
I give you smiles.
I get my own.
I love it when.
I hear you moan.
It thrills me so.
It makes me rise.
My own pleasure.
Is my final prize.
How I get there is my choice.
I find myself there.
In your voice.
When you scream.
When you come.
When I hear it.
I know.
My time has come.
I feel my burning.
Deep desires.
Body clenching.
Pleasure rise.
I feel it burn.
I feel it flow.
When it ends.
Who knows?
But when it does.
I’ll rise again.
You’ll smile for me.
And say my name.
You’ll moan.
And scream.
And clench so deep.
Curl your toes.
And maybe weep.
I’ll wake your soul.
I’ll take what’s mine.
But only when.
I say It’s time.

© Darwin Blake 2012


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

7 thoughts on “Control.

  1. Tried to comment, couldn’t think of one I wanted all to read.

  2. Deep breath, big grin. That’s all I can say. 😉

  3. Okay, that does it! I want sex…NOW!

  4. No words. Only gjjjcdfgjjbxxhkjgzzvjkkjhcxbjkj. *ded*

  5. *faints*

  6. Yet another one of those times where my sentiments can best be shown through dance rather than text.

  7. Oh. My…..your words are so very powerful TY!

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