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The clock it ticks.
Til soon its time.
For what you ask?
Now that won’t rhyme.
I’m counting down.
The days and minutes.
Til I see your face.
Your smile.
Til your with me.
My heart it beats to that clock.
It’s beating hard.
It never stops.
And when we meet.
Faster still.
My love for you.
Is no disaster.
Quickly now.
Our time is near.
Our embrace so swift.
So fleeting.
But when I’m there.
The clock it stops.
It doesn’t tick.
Nor does it tock.
But still my heart.
It beats so strong.
Because your love.
For me.
Like time.
Is endless.
I cannons through the dark.
It slides between the night and day.
It will never go astray.
And like me too.
This ticking clock.
My love will never fade away.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

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