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I think I should start by making things clear.
Maybe you deserve what you get.
Maybe you don’t.
But maybe, who knows?
Baby, oh maybe.
Maybe you’ll get what your heart desires.
Maybe I’ll please you.
Maybe I won’t.
Maybe you’ll scream.
My name to the stars.
Maybe you’ll have me for hours and hours.
Or maybe I’ll bind you.
If your lucky that is.
Maybe you’ll see me.
Maybe you won’t.
Blindfolds are fun.
Maybe I’ll come. 
Maybe you too.
We shall see how that goes.
Maybe I’ll let you take charge for a change.
Let you decide between pleasure or pain.
Let you decide if its bed or the shower.
You know I love to please you for hours.
Maybe I will and I’ll bring rise to your flourish.
Or slowly instead, both shower and bed?
Maybe I’ll wake up and all this be real.
Or maybe I’ll lie here.
And dream of you.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

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