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My Beach.


I breathe the sea air.
I feel the warm sun.
My fingers in sand.
Soft and warm.
The crashing of waves.
The breeze rolling by.
I’ll want to live here.
Til the day that I die.
But til that day comes.
Both sunrise and set.
I’ll cherish my time.
On these dunes.
I’ll walk every inch.
My feet shall get wet.
These are the days.
That I’ll never forget.
Warm loving days.
Cool calm nights.
My guitar.
My friends.
My love.
My life.
This wonderful place.
This cherished life.
I’m blessed where I am.
My circle complete.
For this is the place.
I paddle my feet.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

4 thoughts on “My Beach.

  1. Have a lovely day, in the surf and sand. šŸ™‚

  2. I can completly relate to this. I go to my beach when ever I can. It calms and refreshes my soul and I feel blessed to be able to spend so much time there. Enjoy yours.

  3. A much deserved getaway!!! Enjoy my lovely poet, in mind and spirit I am not far away practising my Tai Chi on bare foot. Completely at peace and feeling loved and treasured.

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