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Twisted Tuesday and Wicked Wednesday.

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So, yesterday (as it is now Wednesday) I went to the top. Straight up. The wind blew through my hair and the view was wonderful. I came down eventually, slightly worn out. A little tired. But ultimately achieving what I had in mind. The rest of the day filled with the usual bureaucracy and politics but I wasn’t too involved so all good.
Also yesterday was September 11th…a day I remember well from all those years ago…I watched as the situation unfolded. Just a young man then but I soon realised the evil that lurks in the world can do terrible things when they feel the need. It shook and changed me like so many others. I remembered also the 7/7 bombings in London. A close friend missed that tube train. Decided to catch a bus instead and lived to tell the tale…he was lucky. Unlike so many others.

So, to Wednesday.
Today is so far pretty good. I have seen co workers that I have not been privileged to work with and had a good catch up. Discussing there current work load and the like…a few stories told…laughs had and espresso drank. The rest of my day will be reasonably quiet and I’m sure I’ll have…an interesting evening. Hopefully…

The Almost Famous Author.

Mr Darwin Blake.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

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