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Warm hands are mine.

Across your skin.

I massage deep.

You grip within.

I rub your shoulders.

Back and legs.

Gentle touch.

But also firm.

My hands.

They make your body warm.

But not from just the things I do.

What I say runs deep through.

Secret words for you.

I kiss you softly.

Drag my lip.

As my hands run down your hips.

The warmth it builds.

From down inside.

It reaches out.

To far and wide.

Your skin does flush.

Lips redden too.

My hands.

My words.

What else too?

With each caress.

I feel the heat.

Bodies ready.

Soon to meet.

But still I rub.
My hands now firm.

Stroking slowly.




On your front.

I lie above.


You like?

My love.

A wicked smile.

An ear lobe kissed.

Tell me…

What is your next wish?


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

5 thoughts on “Warmth.

  1. Gorgeous. Sinfully sensual. Dark chocolate covered words

  2. That was the equivalent of Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay.

    That is all.

    ~ Panda

  3. Mmmm very nice 😉

  4. I like. (Smiling wickedly)

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