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You stand in line.
Give it all.
Bitter words and fists are thrown.
Such evil looks.
You get each day.
Calm and cool.
They grind you down.
If you fight back.
Then you are the fiend.
Dictated on by high above.
You face each day not knowing when.
Their fists and knives and bullets come.
Get praise when great.
But not enough.
You deserve it all.
For what you do.
Protect us all.
From harm and hate.
But still nothing gained.
But still they hate.
Justice is blind.
Or so they say.
I’m sorry you fell.
On this dark day.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

2 thoughts on “Honour.

  1. Thank you Darwin. I hope you don’t mind, but I have copied “Honour” on to my old Regiment’s quasi unofficial old comrade’s website “TOOT”.It hit the spot. I am also a retired Police Officer & mourn the loss of two members of our Family. A belated thank you.


    • Lou, my words are yours to use as you see fit. I am the honoured one. That you would share and use it lifts my heart. I have always had a deep respect and appreciation of the work our police service men and women do. The threats and problems they face each day are beyond compare. Thank-you.

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