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Live for today.

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Live for today.
Do something new.
Do it.
Live for now.
Bring it on.
Take that leap before it’s  gone.
Change your style.
Get some ink.
Just do it.
Don’t sit and think.
Change your life.
Before it ends.
Make amends with your friends.
Get the help you need today.
Don’t put it off.
Won’t go away.
Bring the sunshine.
Feel the noise.
Let the rain. 
Drip off your nose.
Feel the long grass on your toes.
Say your sorry.
Laugh and smile.
Dance with loved ones.
But don’t give up.
There’s always hope.
And if there’s not…
Don’t waste a second.
Make time stop.
Kiss a stranger.
Hug a cop.
Try new foods.
Cram it in.
Read a book.
About decadence and sin.
Gasp out loud.
Make them look.
Change the world.
You only need.
To take one step.
Try today.
Go on…
Do it!


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “Live for today.

  1. Wonderful xx thank you for sharing xx

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