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My heart is yours to hold…


Since I kissed you.
Stars they came.
To my eyes.
Never to fade.
The part of me.
That shines so bright.
Was given by you.
On that night.
Your lips so soft.
Your kiss a delight.
You filled my soul.
With shining light.
You held me.
Stole my heart away.
Put it with your own.
That day.
Kept it safe.
Far from harm.
Made me whole.
Guided me.
Helped me find the way.
You see?
Cheered me on.
Laughed so hard.
Kept me safe.
From pain and hurt.
Took me far.
Thrilled me so.
Exposed your body, heart and soul.
Gave me all you had to give.
And as we grow.
Together old.
Forever is my heart.
Yours to hold.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

5 thoughts on “My heart is yours to hold…

  1. I love it, as always…*swoon*

  2. Very sweet for an everlasting love Mr. Blake. 🙂 This is my anniversary month and Oct. 17th marks 25 years with my man and 14 years married. I shall comb through your poetry for inspiration (as said man is not very poetic on his own but I love him anyway.). 😉

  3. I love this as I do all your words!

  4. Stunningly beautiful 🙂

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