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An anonymous poem sent to me by a follower. No name. No clue.

Thank-you for sharing.

Pocket by anonymous friend.

Please put me in your pocket?
Just in the front of your tee.
For in there it’s safe, so snug and sound, Where I can just simply be.
Would you tuck me into your pocket?
The one that rests on your hip.
Hide me away from all of the world, So that I can give reality the slip.
Is there room for me in your pocket?
A sliver of space in your thoughts.
No matter how small, at least it’s mine.
Too much to ask for? I really hope not.
May I have a niche in your pocket?
An allotted place in your heart.
Can you keep me inside it, now and always?
Carry me there, so we’re never apart.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “Pocket.

  1. Aww so sweet! Think you’d have to have many pockets to carry around your many fans Darwin 🙂 xx

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