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From a child they are so sweet.
Such loving hugs as they greet.
From your friends they are so tight.
A smile a kiss, they feel so right.
From your mum, so filled with love.
You can not beat a mothers hug.
From your dad, not too bad.
I’d sooner shake his hand instead.
From your spouse, your muse, your love.
Such epic, timeless, heartfelt hugs.
Like when you walk in through the door.
A hug so good you want more.
On the sofa, in the rain.
No two hugs are the same.
Lying there in their arms.
Smiling, kissing, stroking.
Waking up and being held.
Warm and tight against your back.
Turning round to kiss them.
Sleep has made you miss them.
No matter who you hug today.
Do it in your own sweet way.
A gentle squeeze.
A big bear hug.
Fill it with kindness.
Smiles and love.
Let them know you really care.
Let them feel it in your hug.
Grab somebody quickly now!
Don’t wait.
Just do it.
Hug today…


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

6 thoughts on “Hugs.

  1. My first hug of the day is always for you!!!

  2. ((((DARWIN)))) xxx

  3. there is nothing like a hug to make your day perfect.. I am what you call a constant hugger! 😀 i love your poem.. beautiful.. and a huge hug to you! 🙂

  4. …and here is a goodnight *hug* from your admirer from afar.x

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