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By candle light, I see those curves.
Bathed in warmth and natural glow. Light it flickers over you.
Eyes so dark but lit by flame.
Moving closer, warmer still.
My heart aflame with wicked sin.
Your soul my sun, It burns for me.
Brightly so and full of fire.
When together, light it blinds.
The stars they shine.
The sun burns bright.
Brighter still in deepest night.
The burning flame that binds our love.
It’s bright and strong when were apart.
But when we join in special ways.
I scream aloud, oh my days!
I light the sky with your name.
My molten tones, those secret words.
Bring a flame to your eyes.
The wick is burning bright and long.
For in your arms my love belongs.
Phoenix comes and flourishes.
The burning light, it slightly dims.
But never out, it burns here still.
For in my heart it always will…


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “Flame…

  1. beautiful.. it would surprise you to know that earlier on today while on my way to the university i wrote something close to this.. 🙂 coincidence.. ? 😀

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