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The world keeps turning…


In the grand old scheme of things.
I’ll dazzle with my wicked grin.
I’ll make you clench and swoon and smile.
Bite your lip and burn inside.
Want and wonder wicked thoughts.
Will I watch you?
Yes of course.
Will I smile and want to join.
Your game so fun.
That drives me wild.
Will you part and let me dip?
Will you once again bite that lip?
Will your pupils explode with lust?
As my linguistic skills erupt.
Yes I know this is the case.
My efforts will surely win the race.
Wheels do turn and life goes on.
As does my desire to hear your song.
The world does turn as does my head.
Watching every step you take.
Watching as you come my way.
Waiting for that magic day.


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

2 thoughts on “The world keeps turning…

  1. Mmmm linguistic skills ;p cunning?

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