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In darkness I see you shine.


In clear moonlight.
I see you arch.
No shadows, no cloud.
Just the light.
Summer warmth hangs in the air.
Your body glows with desire.
Lying on your front, hair cascades over your shoulders.
Looking at me with those deep brown eyes, like pools of the night.
Gaze averts to your crease, perfect breasts against the blanket.
My eyes take in every inch, shoulders, back, beautiful bottom and down your legs, which stretch out across the ground.
Small of your back, slightly curved, stretched across like a bridge.
Dimples darken to match the eve.
My smile so mischievous, wicked and wry.
Stars like candles in the night sky.
You gaze right back.
Taking in my naked form.
Smiling sweetly at my flesh.
Devouring me with your eyes.
From tip to ridge.
Top to tail.
Licking at your sumptuous lips.
Biting, gripping your own soft flesh.
As you caress me with your eyes.
Wanting me now, like before.
Love it binds us.
Like steel wire.
Strands of wonder in its form.
A golden wanton bridge of desire.
Built on kindness, trust and love.
Strengthened by our devotion.
Bright light shines upon us.
As fingers link and bodies grind.
Mist it rises from our heat.
Glistening on this moonlight night.
My body dances with your own.
How our desire and love has grown. How you look in to my eyes and tell me “darling bring me stars!”
Dig against me deeply so.
Bite my shoulder.
Clamp me tight.
Now I nod and please you so, deeply bringing crescendo.
Waves they flow across our forms.
Passion, lust, wicked sounds.
Low sweet murmurs.
Smiles abound.
Blanket wrapped around.
Bound together for all time.
My heart is yours, until I die! 


Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

3 thoughts on “In darkness I see you shine.

  1. wooww!! this is magnificent! i love every single line, i even felt my heart flutter a bit when i was reading this.. 🙂

  2. Those last two lines *Sigh! Wonderful. The rest is pretty good too ☺

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