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My Soul You Quench.


My friends. Thank-you all for suggesting such wonderful and exciting titles.

But one stood out so much that when the DM it was sent in disappeared I asked the sender for it not once more but twice. Bloody Twitter.

Congratulations @garandthekids
Wonderful title. Thank-you.

My Soul You Quench.

A lost soul in the night.
Drawn toward a single light.
Beacon in the darkest eve.
It shines to save him.
He believes.

Broken, cold and needing help.
Comes to you for warmth and light.
Comes to you for kindness and care.
Comes for friendship, nothing more.

Brings nothing of their own.
Has nothing to show.
Can only give what his hands build.
Can only show with love and skill.
Talks to your heart.
Listens to your soul.

Draws you with his wicked words.
Dazzles with his prose.
Heart is pure.
His mind so old.
Kindness flows from him to you.

And in return you give him warmth.
Shelter from the cold dark night.
And in his arms you fall asleep.
Dream of things so pure and sweet.

Wake to find its not a dream.
Smiling sweetly.
He’s still here.
Arms are wrapped around your frame.

Fingers pressed against his back.
Closer still is your embrace.
Feel the heat escaping slow.
From his lips, so close to your

Eyes they open.
Young and bright.
Not looking away from those eyes.
But seeing the smile within them.
His lips brush yours.

A gentle kiss.
Warming you deep below.
Pressure mounts as lips do part.
Passion shows its self at last.
My soul is quenched by your love.

Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

6 thoughts on “My Soul You Quench.

  1. Stunning x

  2. Wow…. Taking my breath away with your w

  3. Taking my breath away with your words…

  4. So beautiful it made me cry :’-) xx

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