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Eyes like pools or so I think.
So deep, abyss like.
Dark but bright.
Just one look and I am there.
Fixed and hypnotized.
By your stare.
Brown like chocolate.
Lashes bat.
Such warmth and love.
Stares right back.
Tease me with your wickedness.
Chest it pounds.
Breath quickens.
Intense dreams of just those eyes.
Wanton and wild.
Seductive yet mild.
Rolling back, revealing white.
They shine like stars in candle light.
When so close.
I’m lost in them.
Never to return again.
Lost forever in your arms.
So bright they rival a thousand suns.
Kiss each lid I softly do.
To be with only you…

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When you’re not here.

I feel alone.
So cold at night.
My arms empty.
My world too.
No laughter.
No smiles.
Nothing but an empty space.
Yes we talk.
But oh so short.
Fleeting chances on the phone.
Pictures help but not a lot.
Smiles frozen in time.
No feet to warm.
No back to rub.
No smile to light my day.
I miss your loving hugs so much.
But when you come.
I hear the door.
I know right then.
What I’m in for.
Those eyes.
A smile.
A hug.
A laugh.
And love.

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Words are a gift.
They raise me up each day.
Showing me delights.
Wonderful new ways.
Inspired by all.
So close to my heart.
My friends.
My bees.
Lovers too.
My words are here.
From me to you.
Given freely.
Shared without conviction.
Praised and otherwise.
Lessons learnt.
I’ve waited for my time.
Here I am.
I am not the gift.
All of you are.
To me.


Like coffee…


Like all good things.
It takes time.
Growing slowly.
Grinding hard.
Pressed and pushed.
Filtered through.
I love it hot and dark.
I do.
Dark aromas lift my senses.
Morning not the same without it.
Any time, day or night.
It feels like mocha kisses.
Against my own warm lips.
Such a delight.
Coursing through me slowly.
Thrilling as it warms.
Synapse snaps and brain does buzz.
An espresso hit of epicness.
Like a wave of hot dark pleasure.
No two are the same.
Creamy taste upon my tongue.
Last drop too good to waste.
Squeeze the life from each dark bean.
To give me pleasure so…


In darkness I see you shine.

In clear moonlight.
I see you arch.
No shadows, no cloud.
Just the light.
Summer warmth hangs in the air.
Your body glows with desire.
Lying on your front, hair cascades over your shoulders.
Looking at me with those deep brown eyes, like pools of the night.
Gaze averts to your crease, perfect breasts against the blanket.
My eyes take in every inch, shoulders, back, beautiful bottom and down your legs, which stretch out across the ground.
Small of your back, slightly curved, stretched across like a bridge.
Dimples darken to match the eve.
My smile so mischievous, wicked and wry.
Stars like candles in the night sky.
You gaze right back.
Taking in my naked form.
Smiling sweetly at my flesh.
Devouring me with your eyes.
From tip to ridge.
Top to tail.
Licking at your sumptuous lips.
Biting, gripping your own soft flesh.
As you caress me with your eyes.
Wanting me now, like before.
Love it binds us.
Like steel wire.
Strands of wonder in its form.
A golden wanton bridge of desire.
Built on kindness, trust and love.
Strengthened by our devotion.
Bright light shines upon us.
As fingers link and bodies grind.
Mist it rises from our heat.
Glistening on this moonlight night.
My body dances with your own.
How our desire and love has grown. How you look in to my eyes and tell me “darling bring me stars!”
Dig against me deeply so.
Bite my shoulder.
Clamp me tight.
Now I nod and please you so, deeply bringing crescendo.
Waves they flow across our forms.
Passion, lust, wicked sounds.
Low sweet murmurs.
Smiles abound.
Blanket wrapped around.
Bound together for all time.
My heart is yours, until I die! 

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I want to be the one…

I want to be the one who…
Melts your heart.
Drives you wild.
Makes you laugh.
Dances with you.
All night long.
Has with you, a special song.
Sits and watches stars with you.
Sees the sun rise in the gloom.
Makes you tea.
Brings your smile.
Rubs your feet.
Hears your woes.
Lives til age takes its toll.
With you my love.
My heart and soul.

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At night is when it comes.
Mostly silent, creeping, bam!
Wakes me unsubtle ways.
Made me think of Oh my days.
Brought to light, him and fear.
Shower, moment even Sun.
Most of which to my surprise.
Written before the sunrise.
All are saved and set in stone.
Some are posted.
Some unknown.
Most are loved for simple prose.
Some require a garden hose 😉
But they come, just like this one.
Creeping slowly from my mind.
Ebbing without sound or breath.
Moving toward that final place.
Scratching out the dark that folds.
Around my simple,
Heartfelt prose.

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Anonymous Prose…

This poem was sent to me anonymously.

A beautiful description of friendship and what it should entail.

Thank-you kindly for sharing.



Hold my hand
And walk with me
For this is what friends do
No words are needed
Just being there
For real friends there are few
Those who listen
Oh so rare
And support you through and through
Those that choose
To share their lives
Important to them – you
This is what friends stand for
This is what is true
They make you feel of value
No secrets just be you.

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You open slowly.
Low hums.
Then chimes.
Flutes and snare.
Fill my ears.
Strings next.
A guitar rift.
Building slowly.
Dreams they come.
To my ears.
Radian slowly flows to me.
Back to slow now.
Crescendo soon.
In my heart your sounds they bloom.
As you fade piano plays.
Reminding me of glory days.
Sunshine, dancing, peace and love.

I do not own this song or video. Used only for creative purpose.