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A bag full of sin.

What lies within?

Who knows?

Dark delights.

Candle light.

Texture, taste and tassels?

Tales of darkness fill my mind.

Musky scent and moans of pleasure.

Tongue it slowly flicks across your silken lips.

A smile, a sound, a soft caress.

My body and patience you so test.

That sweet look and one of pain.

Oh my darling, I refrain.

Clenched so tight against my flesh.

Those kegel’s really work you know.

Gripping, biting, pinching too.

My body yours, and yours mine too.

I taste the pleasure, beg for pain.

Want your body, mind and more!

Want you lying on the floor.

Taste you walking up the stairs.

Pull you in and grab your hair.

Spear your heart with words so pure.

Dance upon the bathroom wall.

Feel the coolness of the tiles.

As your chest is pressed against.

As my sinful wicked tongue.

Does that thing that’s deemed so wrong.

As you gasp and grip yourself.

As my actions overwhelm.

Dancing lights behind your lids.

Tightly shut and from light hid.

Feeling, screaming, swearing at.

My delightfully decadent delicious act.

Fingers slip and tongue does slide.

Cunning linguist and bow-tied.

Nothing more and nothing less.

The light that shines against your dark.

The sunshine to your moon.

To bring you joy, such happiness.

To leave you wanton, begging please!

Let me drift on to my knees.

Let me take you, really please.

Pleasure you, return the sin.

Hear you scream and shake within.

Feel my flesh and taste the dew.

Sinful, wicked, wanton you.


A great man once said…

A great man once said something profound.
So profound that I have forgotten what it was.
So profound that it has shaped my entire existence.
A cartoon fox once said “Fear not my friends, for this shall be my greatest performance!”
It’s funny really…could my life have been influenced by a fox? A talking fox at that?
Sadly it shows me that as I am writing this, children of my generation and those of generations after are not influenced by the words of great minds or poets or genius.
But by…sigh…an animated fox.
We are all influenced by different things.
Some by…animated foxes…ahem.
Some by the musical talents of a woman who wears meat as a dress or by a movie star or a giant purple dinosaur.
The latter has not influenced me in any way. Except maybe to dislike purple dinosaurs.
In another life maybe a great speaker would have influenced me or a wise old sage…but…I am thankful for my influences.
For the words that moulded my existence.
If not by a animated fox or a song about frogs or by images so dark they make devils cry. Then what?
A purple dinosaur?
Give me strength!

On that note my friends.

Until the next time.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.

And Purple Dinosaur Hunter.

So, since writing this post, I have been thinking about a line from a Gorillaz song, the line…”without the truth of the eyes, the happy folk were blind.” 

Makes me think…if you don’t see something, does it go away?
Is it still there when you open them again?

If you hear a scream or cry for help and you cover your ears, can you not still hear it?

If you don’t see somebody’s words, do they exist?
Do they matter?

The answer is yes.
It’s always yes.

Even if we don’t see it, it is still there.

Even if we don’t hear it, it still screams.

Even if its not written, its still thought…

Because without the truth, we are lost.

Do you see?

Once again…

Until the next time…

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It feels like…

Your love for me…
It feels like sunshine.
Your patience too…
It feels like sunshine.
When you smile at me…
It feels like sunshine.
When you look in to my eyes…
It feels like sunshine.
When rain beats down and you hold my hand…
It feels like sunshine.
When you kiss me on my nose…
It feels like sunshine.
When all fails and you are left…
It feels like sunshine.
When you hold me to your breast…
It feels like sunshine.
When I’m old and going grey, a  wheelchair bound and toothless fool, when I sit and think of you, of how we danced and smiled and things.
How I kissed you in the rain.
How we met and fell in love.
How our lives changed every day.
How we fought and soon made up.
How you were always right.
How my failings caused the fight.
How I said I’m sorry love.
How we hugged and made up.
All these things and so much more.
Tell you darling.
I adore.
Your gorgeous eyes.
Your pretty nose.
Your cheeky smile.
Your auburn hair.
Everything and so much more.
My darling!
It feels like sunshine.

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Testing the water…

I dip in my toes.
So very slow.
Testing the warmth of your prose.
It fills me with goodness.
Washed over with love.
Lord knows how?
But it does.
Fills me right up.
Takes me there.
Shows me the truth in the lie.
Brings me delights.
Back down to earth and below.
Deep underground and right to the core.
Heat like a furnace.
Bright blinding light.
Words so dark they make my hair white.
Truly beautiful and wondrous.
Deadly dark but shining so.
Where will your words take me?
Where will they go?
Will I prove my worth to you?
With my own soul full prose?


Thank-you all…

I was gonna save this.

But it can’t wait til then…

I want to talk about my heart.
About those who have shaped and cared for it.

My love for all things in this world.
For my friends.

All of you who talk to me on Twitter. The members of my Facebook and goodreads pages. Hi!

To those who read my words.

My bees.

The ones who truly count in my life. 
Those who are there, all the time.

When I’m quiet, when I’m tired, when work is too much and I can see your messages, mentions and comments and I simply can’t reply…
When I need an espresso…I’m looking at Beth, Joan and Mia in particular here…

To the LLL for endlessly sharing my words and caring for them.
Making me their poet.

To Mon Ami for sharing his deepest thoughts…A brother I’ll never meet.

To Angel for showing her heart and wearing it with pride.

To Dee…
Sharing her soul in her words.

To that person who shimmies and wiggles all over my tl.
I see a snoopy dance there somewhere too.

To the one who inspired.

So Good.


And Buttercup.

To those who for some reason send me random cat pics…yes D and Karen I mean you…

To those who send me their words in silence. Only asking for a comment or advice.
To give advice is one thing but to be asked is a great honour.

To that one true friend who said “go on…”
The one who wears a thousand hats.
Make that a thousand and one.
True friend.
Sent an email and never looked back.
The one who is without question one of the strongest people who I have never met.
Who is the hottest pig on the planet.
Who stuck with me when I ran out of words.
When I couldn’t finish the line.
When it just didn’t rhyme 😉
When I cried at what I had written.
When I lost my smile.
When I got it back.
When my heart was a black lump of death and my soul was empty. 

Katie…I love you my wonderful friend.

To my Beta.
Who has given advice, love and hugs when needed and sometimes when not.
Who fanned them self with their copy of the Flourish…so I’m told.
Who has given me more than I deserve.
More than my heart can return.
Who has remained anon until now and will continue to until they say otherwise.

To that person who sent me the one negative comment about The

Is it nice in Seattle?

To those who retweet me daily.
Who say to their friends “Hey! Go read Darwins blog!”

To that person who follows me…sends a DM and then never says hi again…lol.

To people all over the world as far as the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Australia and closer to home in the UK and Europe who have taken the time to read my words. To send love. To say. Darwin write more!

To my Muse…my Jade.
My world.
You are my true inspiration.
My reason.
My heart and soul is yours to quench for a thousand lifetimes.
My desire.
My words will never amount to what you deserve.
My everything.
My words will never do your beauty justice.
My words will never describe your grace and thoughtfulness enough.
My heart pounds in my chest as I write this.

To you all…

Every day I sit and think about the day before.

I reminiscence about the fun, the laughs and more.

I smile at words not meant for me.

And some that may be so.

What I’m trying to say my friends.

Is thank-you one and all.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.





Empty is my heart.
When you are far away.
Empty is my life.
Without you in each day.
Empty is my wallet.
When I dote on you.
Empty is my day.
When you say good bye.
Empty is my bed.
When you stay up late.
Empty is my shower.
When you’re not in it.
Empty are my words.
When not about you.
And empty is my soul.
Til I embrace you.
Though when I see your shining light.
It brings such fullness to my life.
Lights my fire with a spark.
Makes my words grow light from dark.
Lifts my mood and brings me joy.
Empty I shall be no more.

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So…as some of you may know, my job has changed slightly at work.
I’m more involved and mostly office based for the moment.
Much paperwork perused and computer screen watched.
Hence the headaches and lack of tweeting.
Boo I hear you all say.
Boo indeed.
The situation is temporary but temporary is a funny word.
It basically means almost permanent.
But I will strive to say hi and post my words.
Forgive my absence in DM or email too. I may simply be too caught up at work or too tired in the evenings to reply.
And headaches don’t help.
But I’m working on those.

I hope you all liked my poem today.

I know I enjoyed writing it.

Until the next time my friends.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.

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One more minute…

Just a bit, some more time.
To be with you, be by your side.
Hold your hand and hear you talk.
To see that smile, those sweetest lips.
Those eyes like endless oceans.
Words that fill my heart with joy.
A touch just right, I feel you there.
I close my eyes and still you’re here.
But time is cruel you have to go.
Your lips they touch my own and press.
A kiss to end all others.
I take your hand, beg for more time.
My plead goes not unheard.
You hold me tight, my heart it pounds.
It’s beat is one with yours.
And as you leave, you turn to me.
Whispering goodbye.
“Until the dawn” you softly say.
Those words used as my own.
And over time our stolen time.
Has made our true love grow.

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Here it comes…

Jack he comes to chill our bones.
Winter creeps toward our homes.
Heating on and fires lit.
Keeps the frost and cold from us.
Blankets over, slippers on.
Summer time is surely gone.
Rain and snow are nearly here.
Roof tops white and crystal clear.
Breath is seen by one and all.
The air is filled with crisp smells.
Chestnut aroma drifts around.
Tinsel garlands are abound.
Lights in windows.
Candles lit.
Scarves are wrapped tightly so.
Snow flakes land upon my nose.
Chocolate drinks and songs are sung.

Winters here!

The fun’s begun!