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Thank-you all…


I was gonna save this.

But it can’t wait til then…

I want to talk about my heart.
About those who have shaped and cared for it.

My love for all things in this world.
For my friends.

All of you who talk to me on Twitter. The members of my Facebook and goodreads pages. Hi!

To those who read my words.

My bees.

The ones who truly count in my life. 
Those who are there, all the time.

When I’m quiet, when I’m tired, when work is too much and I can see your messages, mentions and comments and I simply can’t reply…
When I need an espresso…I’m looking at Beth, Joan and Mia in particular here…

To the LLL for endlessly sharing my words and caring for them.
Making me their poet.

To Mon Ami for sharing his deepest thoughts…A brother I’ll never meet.

To Angel for showing her heart and wearing it with pride.

To Dee…
Sharing her soul in her words.

To that person who shimmies and wiggles all over my tl.
I see a snoopy dance there somewhere too.

To the one who inspired.

So Good.


And Buttercup.

To those who for some reason send me random cat pics…yes D and Karen I mean you…

To those who send me their words in silence. Only asking for a comment or advice.
To give advice is one thing but to be asked is a great honour.

To that one true friend who said “go on…”
The one who wears a thousand hats.
Make that a thousand and one.
True friend.
Sent an email and never looked back.
The one who is without question one of the strongest people who I have never met.
Who is the hottest pig on the planet.
Who stuck with me when I ran out of words.
When I couldn’t finish the line.
When it just didn’t rhyme 😉
When I cried at what I had written.
When I lost my smile.
When I got it back.
When my heart was a black lump of death and my soul was empty. 

Katie…I love you my wonderful friend.

To my Beta.
Who has given advice, love and hugs when needed and sometimes when not.
Who fanned them self with their copy of the Flourish…so I’m told.
Who has given me more than I deserve.
More than my heart can return.
Who has remained anon until now and will continue to until they say otherwise.

To that person who sent me the one negative comment about The

Is it nice in Seattle?

To those who retweet me daily.
Who say to their friends “Hey! Go read Darwins blog!”

To that person who follows me…sends a DM and then never says hi again…lol.

To people all over the world as far as the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Australia and closer to home in the UK and Europe who have taken the time to read my words. To send love. To say. Darwin write more!

To my Muse…my Jade.
My world.
You are my true inspiration.
My reason.
My heart and soul is yours to quench for a thousand lifetimes.
My desire.
My words will never amount to what you deserve.
My everything.
My words will never do your beauty justice.
My words will never describe your grace and thoughtfulness enough.
My heart pounds in my chest as I write this.

To you all…

Every day I sit and think about the day before.

I reminiscence about the fun, the laughs and more.

I smile at words not meant for me.

And some that may be so.

What I’m trying to say my friends.

Is thank-you one and all.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.



Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

2 thoughts on “Thank-you all…

  1. So that’s nice and thank you too! But you’re not going away are ya?

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