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May I?

Would I be quite so bold,
Asking you for your soul?
Asking if you’ll join with mine.
Linked as one, for all time.
Bound by love and passion fueled.
Bring me sunshine, smiles and stars.
Take from me what you deserve.
My body, heart and soul to take.
I’ll sign it over,  if you like.
A document’s official, right?
Then you’ll have it for all time.
To put my soul along with thine.
Place your hand upon my chest.
Feel my heart beating fast.
Can you hear it’s rhythmic thrum?
Beating out like a drum.
Yes my love, you hear it right.
Your name it beats for all time.

Happy Birthday @KatieMagnet


One day…

One fine day in years to come.
I’ll be the man you want.
I’ll be the father to your child.
Let the madness drive me wild.
Sleepless days and restless nights.
Something like that,  I’m right?
Take that tiny hand in mine.
Walk along so tall and proud.
Smile that smile that only can,
A parent of a child so grand.
That ray of light.
Glint in my eye.
Would my love, you’d like to try?
Bring upon this crazy world a little me or little you?
Make us cry and smile always.
Happiness comes everyday.
Laughter, cheer and such joy.
I’d really lover to have a boy.
Little bowtie on his neck.
Wicked smile he’s yet to check.
Mater it one day he will.
Till then I’ll wear it still.
Til that time, I cannot wait!
I think it really could be great.
It really could be rather mad.
That one day.
Someone’s going to call me Dad.

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My fingers ache, as does my soul.
Release the words from deep below.
Reveal my darkest deep desire.
Relish in the feeling while…
My heart it speaks of my sweet Muse.
My soul mate, friend and sometimes fool.
That special person with the power to,
Make me smile and lives my words.
Gives with kindness oft unheard.
Graces me on each fine day with purest love.
But back to pleasure, prose and joy.
Licking lips and screaming “Ohhhhhh!”
Softest touch against my flesh.
Fingers grip against the edge.
Toes do curl and feel that clench?
That’s the spot and soul is drenched.
My heart, my love is yours to quench.
And swiftly so do I return.
Dreaming daily of your arms.
How they hold me close at night.
Watching stars by candle light.
Pointing out the one that guides.
That’s the one! It shines so bright!
Yes it shines but dull compared.
To that light within your heart.

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My Heart.

As you know, my heart is full.
With all the love you give.
But did you know?
That long ago, my heart was filled with emptiness.
There was a time.
I know a crime!
When I felt so sad.
The pain within burnt my soul.
It seared that precious part.
My heart was charred.
A blackened mess.
Without it I’m a mess.
My deepest darkest despair.
A reality in hell.
I cursed myself, I couldn’t think.
My mind was chewed right through.
How had I made a mess of things?
A quandary yes but true.
How can my life turn round?
I had now clue, not one idea.
Of how I’d change my world.
But there was you.
My shining light.
My beacon in the dark.
The only one who ever loved me regardless of my flaws.
You helped me through each dark day.
Until I saw the dawn.
The darkness fades.
You help me still.
Keep me sane.
Stopping me go mad.
But my love I must admit.
I love it when you’re bad.
My heart so full now.
Fit to burst.
Changed my dark to light.
My love.
My Muse.
My saviour.
These words are yours tonight.

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Good morning my wonderful friends, today is Monday, its cold and bright.
a perfect winters day, the temperature is low but my teeth are intact and my fingers still pink…pink…hmm.
which brings me on to something else.
Last week i was emailed by a fellow poet, blogger and true friend.
her email took my breath away with her kindness and for once this Almost Famous Author was speechless!
the email told me of a Christmas gift, a truly beautiful gift from the heart…my own website.



I was so taken back and amazed i almost spilled my espresso over my trousers!

So basically this blog post is a huge and humble thank-you to @joangillen the author of http://pinkbonnetgirl.wordpress.com/
My friend, My Pad-wan… Joan Thank-you and Merry Christmas!

I sat and stared upon the screen.
My eyes they simply could not believe.
the kindness, thought and Shizzle FO.
Of my friend who’s name is Joan.
A quick reply of simply wow.
I almost screamed Holy Cow!
Almost said Oh My Days.
I can’t begin to count the ways.
I can’t begin to show my thanks.
So to my followers, friends and bee’s.
Today of this i beg you please!
Visit Joan on her blog.
Follow her on Twitter too!
I beg you all to please do,
This simple thing for me!


Mr Darwin Blake

The Almost Famous Author.


The Bi monthly Blog!

So, my friends you are all aware by now that my life has taken a turn for the better. Though this means more work and responsibility. Some of you may not be aware that this was only temporary. Normal…ish service shall resume in.the new year I hope. If not then please drag me from the office I am situated in.
No time to tweet.
No time to write.
No time for much.
Evenings are a wonderful distraction from work but I am often tired and can seldom sit down for long enough to write before my other skills are required.

On to…other things.

I am happy to announce that The Kiss is coming along nicely and will be winging its way through the internet as soon as my little fingers can manage. No promises. Ok.

I also want to say thank-you to all for taking the time to DM or mention me. I do see but once I get going I forget about real life and that is where I am needed at the moment. All the same. Thank-you for keeping me sane. Except the cat pics…hmm.

Anyway, I will return with prose.

Until the dawn my friends.

Mr Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.

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I sit…

I sit and watch as you both chat.
Your eyes a dark brown hue.
Smiling softly at his words.
Wishing it was me with you.
That pretty smile.
That glint of fun.
I watch as you sip your wine.
Those lovely legs, they dazzle me.
And make me think of what could be.
Of such delights, times of joy.
I would be such a lucky boy.
I would be worthy of your touch.
Oh how I’d worship those sweet lips.
Oh how I’d please you.
Teach you ways.
Yes you’d scream out.
Oh my days!
Yes you’d smile and hug me tight.
Love me endless, day and night.
Thank the stars for my caress.
Thank them also…for the rest.
But I sit here all alone.
Sipping coffee on my own.
Watching as you do both smile.
Knowing where the night will end.
My eye’s I close as you leave.
A tear splashes on my sleeve.
And as it dries my heart cries.
And soon my fantasy, you’ll be gone…

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Gripping tight, the tendons rise.
I feel them stiffen against the bind.
Tugging, pulling, twisting so.
Arching back and forth they do.
As I bring you…closer to.
Crescendo slowly building up.
Pulling at your silk restraint.
Begging “Lover let me go.”
Pleading me to release.
But my sweet, I have you bound.
Your pleads to me, the sweetest sound.
My own are still.
My mouth at work.
Tender kisses, other things.
Shall I let you free?
Let you please me?
Yes, I think.
This shall be so.
Soft red marks you duly rub.
Smiling at me.
“Thank-you love.”
What shall we do now they are free?
Oh my days I silently say.
As you take me to the floor.
Moving slow.
Fingers wrapped.
Crease of skin as you flex.
Twisting, turning, flexing pleasure.
A tornado of movement.
A tightly gripped moment of delight.
As you bring me pleasure deep.
Using only your wrist…
Imagine if you used your mouth…
Moving slightly, grip is changed.
Nails are dug and moans released.
Circling your hand.
Coming up to kiss my lips.
Taking me slowly to paradise.