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I sit…

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I sit and watch as you both chat.
Your eyes a dark brown hue.
Smiling softly at his words.
Wishing it was me with you.
That pretty smile.
That glint of fun.
I watch as you sip your wine.
Those lovely legs, they dazzle me.
And make me think of what could be.
Of such delights, times of joy.
I would be such a lucky boy.
I would be worthy of your touch.
Oh how I’d worship those sweet lips.
Oh how I’d please you.
Teach you ways.
Yes you’d scream out.
Oh my days!
Yes you’d smile and hug me tight.
Love me endless, day and night.
Thank the stars for my caress.
Thank them also…for the rest.
But I sit here all alone.
Sipping coffee on my own.
Watching as you do both smile.
Knowing where the night will end.
My eye’s I close as you leave.
A tear splashes on my sleeve.
And as it dries my heart cries.
And soon my fantasy, you’ll be gone…

Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

One thought on “I sit…

  1. Love …as always! Bellissima! Bells xxx

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