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Good morning my wonderful friends, today is Monday, its cold and bright.
a perfect winters day, the temperature is low but my teeth are intact and my fingers still pink…pink…hmm.
which brings me on to something else.
Last week i was emailed by a fellow poet, blogger and true friend.
her email took my breath away with her kindness and for once this Almost Famous Author was speechless!
the email told me of a Christmas gift, a truly beautiful gift from the heart…my own website.



I was so taken back and amazed i almost spilled my espresso over my trousers!

So basically this blog post is a huge and humble thank-you to @joangillen the author of http://pinkbonnetgirl.wordpress.com/
My friend, My Pad-wan… Joan Thank-you and Merry Christmas!

I sat and stared upon the screen.
My eyes they simply could not believe.
the kindness, thought and Shizzle FO.
Of my friend who’s name is Joan.
A quick reply of simply wow.
I almost screamed Holy Cow!
Almost said Oh My Days.
I can’t begin to count the ways.
I can’t begin to show my thanks.
So to my followers, friends and bee’s.
Today of this i beg you please!
Visit Joan on her blog.
Follow her on Twitter too!
I beg you all to please do,
This simple thing for me!


Mr Darwin Blake

The Almost Famous Author.

Author: @DarwinBlake

The Almost Famous Author.

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