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About me.


So, as you all know.
I am the Almost Famous Author.
Mr Darwin Blake.

I live in England.
I work for the British Military.
Though that is all I can say.
Official Secrets Act and all that…
I am in my mid to late thirties.
I am a man.
I am straight.
I look after myself.
Mentally and physically.
I am over six foot.
I am of muscular build.
But not Gandy.
I have dark hair.
Though a little grey is evident.
I have dark brown eyes.
And a very cheeky smile.
My voice has been described as very British.
Mr Molten Chocolate Voice.
So I’ve been called.
I enjoy all forms of media.
Love music of all kinds.
I cook.
I clean.
I can fend for myself.
I am a dab hand with a bottle opener.
I give great foot rubs.
So I’m told.
I prefer a shower to a bath.
Though I do love a soak.
And I have been known to cry.
But I’m sure it was just something in my eye.

The Almost Famous Author.

4 thoughts on “About me.

  1. So I read this now a third time, sorry will not forget this time…you sound *sigh* very
    Oh saved by the beep. Just had to do an order.. Lost my thought for a sec. Yes you are wonderful arent you?!?

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  3. Sounds very Interesting LOL maybe next time you can read us some of your famous words instead of writing them LOVE the Sweet Accent 😉

  4. Mr Blake it has been SO very nice to meet you *shakes your hand*, I am from Australia but family emigrated from the Uk. Take my hat off to you for your job, love & respect our heros! Hope you publish your works as I would love to treasure them in a book – you are very good, your words transcend you to a time and place perfectly 😉 Your description …makes me laugh and smile! And prey tell what Music !?! (Just curious) Well just wanted to introduce myself and say Thanks, Chow 🙂

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