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Warmth in Italian

Mani calde sono miei.

Attraverso la vostra pelle.

Mi massaggio profondo.

È presa in.

I strofinare le spalle.

Schiena e gambe.

Tocco delicato.

Ma anche ferma.

Le mie mani.

Fanno il corpo caldo.

Ma non da solo le cose che faccio.

Quello che dico è profondo attraverso.

Parole segrete per voi.

Ti bacio dolcemente.

Trascinare il labbro.

Come le mie mani correre giù i fianchi.

Il calore si costruisce.

Da giù all’interno.

Raggiunge fuori.

Per lungo e in largo.

La tua pelle non a filo.

Labbra troppo arrossire.

Le mie mani.

Le mie parole.

Che altro anche?

Con ogni carezza.

Mi sento il calore.

Corpi pronti.

Presto per incontrarsi.

Ma ancora mi strofinare.
Le mie mani ora ferma.

Accarezzare lentamente.




Sul fronte.

Mi sdraio sopra.


Ti piace?

Il mio amore.

Un sorriso malvagio.

Un lobo dell’orecchio baciò.

Dimmi …

Qual è il tuo prossimo desiderio?

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Les pensées lubriques en français

Pensées lubriques qu’ils remplissent mon esprit.
Ma tête elle pourrait exploser.
Mais repus sont mes désirs profonds.
Car bientôt mon amour est à la maison.
Mes souhaits seront accordées alors.
Tous mes désirs.
Lèvre mordue et le corps serrés.
Pour ce que j’ai en magasin.
Tout ce que mon prince de la prose.
Est-ce que vous me dites.
Pour tout ce que j’ai toujours voulu se tenait en face de moi.
Jambes tellement fine qu’elle me rend sauvage.
Seins si fermes au toucher.
Peau plus douce comme de la soie.
Et les lèvres d’où je boire.
Une forme si parfaitement présenté.
Un corps comme aucun autre.
Pour contempler vous est pour moi.
Un honneur vraiment méchant.
Ce sourire méchant.
Ces fossettes là.
Ce doigt qui exige.
Dans cette demeure sombre.
Votre souhait est mon commandement.
Je danserai sur votre corps.
Comme une centaine de mains.
Une douce caresse, un baiser ludique.
Pas un pouce devront s’en passer.
Et quand vous êtes presque à bout de souffle.
C’est alors que je vais commencer.
Je vais mettre le feu d’en bas.
C’est le désir ardent sombre.
Mes pensées lubriques et des plans minutieux.
Vont enfin se dérouler.
Un taquiner là.
À cet endroit.
Je vais regarder votre corps se serrer.
Et quand j’aurai fini, vous savez quelle est la prochaine.
La douche ne sera pas froid.

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Lustful thoughts…

Lustful thoughts they fill my mind.
My head it may explode.
But sated are my deep desires.
For soon my love is home.
My wishes will be granted then.
All of my desires.
Bitten lip and body clenched.
For what I have in store.
Anything my prince of prose.
Is what you say to me.
For all I’ve ever wanted is stood in front of me.
Legs so fine it drives me wild.
Breasts so firm to touch.
Skin like softest silk. 
And lips from which I drink.
A form so perfectly presented.
A body like no other.
To gaze upon you is for me.
A truly wicked honour.
That wicked smile.
Those dimples there.
That finger that demands.
In this dimly lit abode.
Your wish is my command.
I’ll dance about your body.
Like a hundred hands.
A soft caress, a  playful kiss.
Not an inch will go without.
And when you’re almost breathless.
That’s when I shall start.
I’ll bring the fire from down below.
That burning dark desire.
My lustful thoughts and careful plans.
Will finally unfold.
A tease right there.
On that spot.
I’ll watch your body clench.
And when I’m done, you know what’s next.
The shower won’t be cold.


My sweet friend.

Hello there my sweet release.
My confidant and friend.
Have I told you recently.
Of what you do to me?
Have I counted all the ways?
Added all the sums?
Told you how I care for you.
And how you’ve changed my world.
Said to me each day I wake.
Morning Darwin Dear!
And sometimes when I don’t reply.
Never do you fear.
Because you know that everyday.
Eventually I’ll call your name.
Never do you close me out.
Or forget that I’m here.
Sometimes i see your smile.
Shoogling across my screen.
Shaking all that good stuff.
Wish it was for me.
But of course it never is.
And why would it be so?
Thankful for our friendship.
I hope you never go.
I wish one day I’ll meet you.
Espresso and latte.
Chocolate cake and shortbread slice.
Maybe I will share.
But that’s just a pipedream.
But simply not fair.
Shared so much that to this day.
Remains between ourselves.
Nothing wrong with secrets.
But secrets shared can help.
So my friend.
I am so proud of what you have achieved. In life.
In love.
In all between.
You always will succeed.



When I awoke, and cleared my throat.
Stretched out long and yawned.
I squeezed my eyes so tightly shut.
That colours danced before them.
I know last night for you had been.
A fantasy, a fun filled dream.
Alone you went, in to the night.
To drink and dance and taste delights.
And as you did my mind did race.
Of decadence and your bit lip.
Replies to mine were short and cold.
I’m having fun! To me you told.
And that’s ok, to myself I lie.
It’s fine for you to have some fun.
I get it, let your hair down love.
But in my mind I see our kiss.
It’s not me against your lips.
Some lucky man from the night.
Is tasting you lips tonight.
I know it’s only in my mind.
I’m crazy, yes!
But love is blind.
It burns me deep within my heart.
My love so hot it never stops.
A passion fueled sweet romance.
And now I see you’ve sent a call.
I pick up…my heart it skips a beat.
I say “Hello.” 
And sated are my thoughts of woe.



If I’m far away.
Another place.
Another day.
Working in a lonely world.
Waiting to be in your arms.
Phone calls are but such a tease.
Your silken voice away from me.
Those lips like silk.
Your skin so soft.
Of theses things I am robbed.
Falling softly in to sleep.
Happy smile and mind at peace.
Of theses things I am without.
When I am so distant.
Slumber stifled.
Half awake.
Restless body.
For you I ache.
Soon I shall return to you.
See your smile.
A tear or two.
Wipe them softly from your face.
Hold you tightly in my arms.
Thankful that I have returned.