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Why is it that everyday?
I see the world in different ways.
I see such darkness.
See such hate.
See the words meant to grate.
Hear of things that sink my soul.
Listen as I am told.
Of deepest pain.
Loss and despair.
Sadness often fills the air.
Suffering of those who can’t.
Protect themselves from those who hate.
Save their lives they beg of you.
Give then something.
A little will do.
I give, they take with a kind “thanks.”
If it helps, well that’s enough.
Foreign places, here at home.
Those without, I hear them groan.
Will my little get to them?
Will the sun rise for their kin?
But in turn I hear of hope.
Words they come, and bring a smile.
Tears are wiped and fear is gone.
Hugs are given.
Epic songs!
Cheering, shouting, having fun.
Will it continue, when tomorrow comes?
Will that smile be on your face?
Will the evil be erased?
No I doubt it, sorry friends.
But you see its not the end.
Without people like yourself.
The world would be a darker place.
No Christmas lights to shine at night.
No friendly faces that would fight.
Because without you here, you see.
The world too would be dark for me.