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Les pensées lubriques en français

Pensées lubriques qu’ils remplissent mon esprit.
Ma tête elle pourrait exploser.
Mais repus sont mes désirs profonds.
Car bientôt mon amour est à la maison.
Mes souhaits seront accordées alors.
Tous mes désirs.
Lèvre mordue et le corps serrés.
Pour ce que j’ai en magasin.
Tout ce que mon prince de la prose.
Est-ce que vous me dites.
Pour tout ce que j’ai toujours voulu se tenait en face de moi.
Jambes tellement fine qu’elle me rend sauvage.
Seins si fermes au toucher.
Peau plus douce comme de la soie.
Et les lèvres d’où je boire.
Une forme si parfaitement présenté.
Un corps comme aucun autre.
Pour contempler vous est pour moi.
Un honneur vraiment méchant.
Ce sourire méchant.
Ces fossettes là.
Ce doigt qui exige.
Dans cette demeure sombre.
Votre souhait est mon commandement.
Je danserai sur votre corps.
Comme une centaine de mains.
Une douce caresse, un baiser ludique.
Pas un pouce devront s’en passer.
Et quand vous êtes presque à bout de souffle.
C’est alors que je vais commencer.
Je vais mettre le feu d’en bas.
C’est le désir ardent sombre.
Mes pensées lubriques et des plans minutieux.
Vont enfin se dérouler.
Un taquiner là.
À cet endroit.
Je vais regarder votre corps se serrer.
Et quand j’aurai fini, vous savez quelle est la prochaine.
La douche ne sera pas froid.

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Lustful thoughts…

Lustful thoughts they fill my mind.
My head it may explode.
But sated are my deep desires.
For soon my love is home.
My wishes will be granted then.
All of my desires.
Bitten lip and body clenched.
For what I have in store.
Anything my prince of prose.
Is what you say to me.
For all I’ve ever wanted is stood in front of me.
Legs so fine it drives me wild.
Breasts so firm to touch.
Skin like softest silk. 
And lips from which I drink.
A form so perfectly presented.
A body like no other.
To gaze upon you is for me.
A truly wicked honour.
That wicked smile.
Those dimples there.
That finger that demands.
In this dimly lit abode.
Your wish is my command.
I’ll dance about your body.
Like a hundred hands.
A soft caress, a  playful kiss.
Not an inch will go without.
And when you’re almost breathless.
That’s when I shall start.
I’ll bring the fire from down below.
That burning dark desire.
My lustful thoughts and careful plans.
Will finally unfold.
A tease right there.
On that spot.
I’ll watch your body clench.
And when I’m done, you know what’s next.
The shower won’t be cold.



If I’m far away.
Another place.
Another day.
Working in a lonely world.
Waiting to be in your arms.
Phone calls are but such a tease.
Your silken voice away from me.
Those lips like silk.
Your skin so soft.
Of theses things I am robbed.
Falling softly in to sleep.
Happy smile and mind at peace.
Of theses things I am without.
When I am so distant.
Slumber stifled.
Half awake.
Restless body.
For you I ache.
Soon I shall return to you.
See your smile.
A tear or two.
Wipe them softly from your face.
Hold you tightly in my arms.
Thankful that I have returned. 

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May I?

Would I be quite so bold,
Asking you for your soul?
Asking if you’ll join with mine.
Linked as one, for all time.
Bound by love and passion fueled.
Bring me sunshine, smiles and stars.
Take from me what you deserve.
My body, heart and soul to take.
I’ll sign it over,  if you like.
A document’s official, right?
Then you’ll have it for all time.
To put my soul along with thine.
Place your hand upon my chest.
Feel my heart beating fast.
Can you hear it’s rhythmic thrum?
Beating out like a drum.
Yes my love, you hear it right.
Your name it beats for all time.

Happy Birthday @KatieMagnet

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My Heart.

As you know, my heart is full.
With all the love you give.
But did you know?
That long ago, my heart was filled with emptiness.
There was a time.
I know a crime!
When I felt so sad.
The pain within burnt my soul.
It seared that precious part.
My heart was charred.
A blackened mess.
Without it I’m a mess.
My deepest darkest despair.
A reality in hell.
I cursed myself, I couldn’t think.
My mind was chewed right through.
How had I made a mess of things?
A quandary yes but true.
How can my life turn round?
I had now clue, not one idea.
Of how I’d change my world.
But there was you.
My shining light.
My beacon in the dark.
The only one who ever loved me regardless of my flaws.
You helped me through each dark day.
Until I saw the dawn.
The darkness fades.
You help me still.
Keep me sane.
Stopping me go mad.
But my love I must admit.
I love it when you’re bad.
My heart so full now.
Fit to burst.
Changed my dark to light.
My love.
My Muse.
My saviour.
These words are yours tonight.


A great man once said…

A great man once said something profound.
So profound that I have forgotten what it was.
So profound that it has shaped my entire existence.
A cartoon fox once said “Fear not my friends, for this shall be my greatest performance!”
It’s funny really…could my life have been influenced by a fox? A talking fox at that?
Sadly it shows me that as I am writing this, children of my generation and those of generations after are not influenced by the words of great minds or poets or genius.
But by…sigh…an animated fox.
We are all influenced by different things.
Some by…animated foxes…ahem.
Some by the musical talents of a woman who wears meat as a dress or by a movie star or a giant purple dinosaur.
The latter has not influenced me in any way. Except maybe to dislike purple dinosaurs.
In another life maybe a great speaker would have influenced me or a wise old sage…but…I am thankful for my influences.
For the words that moulded my existence.
If not by a animated fox or a song about frogs or by images so dark they make devils cry. Then what?
A purple dinosaur?
Give me strength!

On that note my friends.

Until the next time.

Darwin Blake.

The Almost Famous Author.

And Purple Dinosaur Hunter.

So, since writing this post, I have been thinking about a line from a Gorillaz song, the line…”without the truth of the eyes, the happy folk were blind.” 

Makes me think…if you don’t see something, does it go away?
Is it still there when you open them again?

If you hear a scream or cry for help and you cover your ears, can you not still hear it?

If you don’t see somebody’s words, do they exist?
Do they matter?

The answer is yes.
It’s always yes.

Even if we don’t see it, it is still there.

Even if we don’t hear it, it still screams.

Even if its not written, its still thought…

Because without the truth, we are lost.

Do you see?

Once again…

Until the next time…



A guest poem by @heavenly_haven


In a room without a door
No obvious way in
Or out
I’m waiting
For you
My lover
I’ve never seen you
Or touched you
I know not when you’ll return
Which adds
To my brain
But I know this
You’ll come
To please me
To tease me
To release me

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A Guest Poem by Laura A.

You don’t recall when it happened – the shift between you
But it’s there, unsaid, unspoken
You leave it alone, hoping, willing it to go away
But it grows, like a web
The feelings scare you
And you try to avoid him yet he is everywhere
He whispers that he wants you
And you can barely breathe – he waits for your response
You are paralysed
This is not going to happen
You need to run, think, escape
But you don’t
He waits
And so it begins.


Oh my days…

The way you look at me so sweetly.
Oh my days…
The way you stand in the moonlight.
Oh my days…
The way you toy with me.
Oh the ways…
The way you show me all the ways.
Oh my days…
The way you slink beneath the sheets.
Oh my days…
The way you rush to see me.
Oh my days…
The way you hold me tight at night.
Oh my days…
The way you wake me from a daze.
Oh my days…
The way you dance beneath the moon.
Oh my days…
The way you rock me.
Oh my days…
The way you love me.
For always…