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For those who are done with little green Elves.


That feeling…
When the snow falls.
When a kitten purrs.
When you find the surprise.
When it comes.
When you feel alive.
When he touches you there.
When she flicks her hair.
When the shower runs cold.
When that drink warms your bones.
When you taste that delight.
When you wake in the night.
When you creep down the stairs.
When you see no ones there.
When you see something wild.
Like when you were a child.
When stories shock your soul.
When you reach in the hole.
When that elf fills your screen.
Do you know what I mean?
When you reach the top.
When you fear you may drop.
When the earth falls away.
When the hero saves the day.
When Flash saves the earth.
When Luke cries Nooooooo!
When The Who play that rift.
When that note is reached.
When you hear those strings.
When the chocolate does melt.
When the candle goes out.
When you kiss me on that spot.
When he takes that first taste.
When you hear “I love you.”
When you say “love you too.”
When ol yeller dies.
That look in your eyes.
When your so far away.
When you cry for the pain.
When you smile as you do.
When you dance round the room.
When the clouds float away.
When I next see you.
I’ll get tingles…