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The Beginning.

I think some of you will like it.
I think some of you will love it.
I think some of you will need emergency services on standby.
Some material on this page will be offensive to some and not suitable for others.
18+ please.
I have people to thank for their support, love and time.
All work subject to copy-write laws and all my own original work.


This isn’t the beginning, nor is it the end…


The Flourish.


I stand at your door, a little nervous and shuffling my feet.  I’m not too early, but it beats being late. I’ve spent all day thinking about when we last met – our kiss, our embrace, how you felt against my mouth, soft and warm, holding your body to mine.

I reminisce about how you smiled at me, that beautiful but wicked smile that said, “Come to me.”

I recollect how we spoke – chit chat, banter, whatever you want to call it – and then in that single moment when you smiled, closed your eyes and…

I knock at the door; I’m sure this is the right address.  I mean, how could I be wrong?

“Bring nothing,” you told me.  “No flowers, no wine.”  I’m an old fashioned guy at heart, but I can’t go against your wishes.

As I knock again on the wood frame, I notice that it was once painted a bright blue gloss but has since faded in to a pale wash, and light blue and has gone powdery with age.

Still no answer?


Maybe you’re just not in.

Maybe you got scared.

I lean against the door and it opens unexpectedly. I stumble in, correcting myself quickly, and find myself standing in your hall.  The doors on both sides of the narrow corridor are closed and the walls are papered in a deep purple embossed leaf print.

There is only a single light at the end of the passageway, dark wooden floors leading the way toward it.

A long draft of light is cast up the corridor towards where I am standing.

I call out. “Hello?”


Closing the door behind me, I remember to lock it because anybody could walk in off the street, right?

Slowly, I walk along the corridor. My shoes are loud on the wood floor and they announce my arrival before I’m even halfway down the passage. As I reach the end, I see there is nothing in the room before me.

I peer around the corner and there, lying in a king-sized wrought iron bed with cool white sheets, is the vision of beauty I last saw standing in front of me on that day.

I realize in that moment it is also the day when my life changed, when everything changed; the day when I went from being a selfish fool to a loved one. As I gaze upon you, my face lights up (not too much mind you because I don’t want to look all swoony and start doing the ‘Snoopy Dance’ for God’s sake.)

With confidence growing inside, I muster one word.


You simply smile and beckon me closer with your finger.  I can tell you’re in a playful mood so I flash you my most mischievous smile.

With my dimples in overdrive I respond. “Who? Me?”

As I quickly look behind me and around the room, you smile again and shake your head and in that voice that could melt a thousand hearts you say, “I was talking to your cock.”

I’m slightly shocked, but ultimately in awe I reply, “My cock?” and look down at quite literally what lies beneath. “Oh.”

“Yes,” you reply. ”Undress for me.”

Inside I’m bursting, the desire to tear my clothes from my body is too much as you taunt me with those eyes – those beautiful eyes that hold such depth it’s like looking in to an abyss.

Feeling very cock-sure now and without breaking eye contact I answer. “As you desire, any special requests?”

You bite your lip and nod. ”Slowly,” you whisper as you slink back under the sheets to watch.

I walk around the bed that you lie in, fascinated by the fact that you’re wearing only a wicked smile beneath the thin cotton sheets. Strange and beautiful thoughts enter my mind, and my heart races secretly at the thought of being inside your beautiful body. Honoring your wishes, I leisurely begin to undress. I take my shoes off one by one, but there’s no need to deal with socks because who needs socks? I remove my shirt, the linen refreshingly cool against my skin.

Your eyes widen as I expose my bare chest along with the tattoo that covers the scar from a motorcycle accident during my misspent youth.  The orange flames lick over my left shoulder, the ink penetrating and marking out every inch of scarred flesh.

I turn so you can see its full wonder trailing down my shoulder and back. Are you wondering at the exquisite art work and thinking about how long it must have taken to place it there? With my back to you, I undo the belt on my trousers, then the button, and finally the zip which makes the most amazing sound of tiny clicks and metallic tones, like the sound of time ticking away, every click closer to the end, closer to what you have demanded.

I push my trousers slowly down my hips and over my quads. Gravity takes care of the rest.

They fall to the floor and I quickly step out of them, now wearing only my wrist watch and a pair of crisp white hipster boxer shorts. I turn back to you and your eyes instantly shoot down my body, gazing at my member beneath the white cotton. I smile as you bite your lower lip, pulling at the soft flesh between your teeth and slink playfully even further beneath the sheets. I notice with a touch of envy how the cotton is caressing your fine body, and watch intently as you press your legs together in anticipation.

I can only imagine how you feel at this moment, the warmth within your body, the want, the desire, the need to be pleasured, wanted, have flesh within flesh, lips against lips.

I’m still watching your eyes as your left hand slides beneath the sheets, and I continue to watch as you caress yourself.

Fuck that’s hot.

Your head tilts back slightly and you give a little moan. Your eyes roll back, and your beautiful mouth is wide open at your own delicate touch. You stop to bring your hand up from beneath the sheets. Sliding a finger across your lips, your tongue flicks out and tastes your desire.

“Mmmmm,” you manage to say, but that’s all as you inhale yourself too. Your eyes divert to my groin, and in my awe of your act I’m blissfully unaware that my cock is practically bursting to be released from the shorts. A twitching monster lurks beneath already stretched cotton.

I slide my thumbs beneath the waist band, and drag my boxers down provocatively and slowly.

My shaft springs from them, released finally and standing to attention like a guard at a sentry. Your tongue flicks across your lips in anticipation of having me, your eyes narrow and your lips curl up into a wicked smile.

You gaze at me, taking in everything, every dimple, every inch of me, my tattoo, and my body.

You spend a long time looking at my legs. Are you into legs? Hmm … must work on legs more at the gym.

I step closer to the edge of the bed, and rip the sheet from your beautiful frame, exposing your naked flesh for the first time. I marvel at your beauty, and how your perfectly shaped breasts sit on your chest, your nipples small and dark and pert with cold?


I’m hoping the latter. I step closer again and notice your knees are tight together.


Mmmmm… I hope so.

I stand at the foot of the bed, the cold of the iron sending a chill up my shins. I lean forward and kneel gently at your feet. The mattress cushions my knees and the soft foam gives a little beneath my weight.

I crawl to you and you give me a smile, no words, only a smile. A flash of an idea sparkles within your eyes as I grow ever closer.

What are you musing?

Delicious thoughts of “how?” and “what?”

You open your legs and your beautiful pink lips blossom before me and glisten with desire for whatever awaits. My hands stroke the underside of your legs; your calves are soft and silky smooth. My fingers travel upwards, gliding against cool skin, goose-flesh bumps rise as if electricity is passing between us. With my hands resting gently on your inner thighs, I push softly.

You give no resistance to my desire and I dip my head, taking a moment to admire your beautifully trimmed mound. As I descend and your aroma fills my nostrils, I feel a jab of excitement below. I feel a tiny rush from my loins in response, a drip perhaps of my own lubrication. It trickles down my shaft, touching base and mingling with my own hairs. I close my eyes and taste you, your body arching at my touch. My lips on yours, kissing your soft flesh, caressing your clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I am wanting – my cock is telling me to take you and fill you, but I’m a giver by nature and tonight I shall give.

You begin to moan softly and run your fingers through my thick dark curls as I devour you, making you mine to play with. I open my eyes to watch your reaction as I slide my tongue from your clit through your lips.

Your eyes open wide and you gasp for breath as the sensation of my act courses through your body. I swear you come in that moment as you raise your right hand from my hair and slide it along your chest up to your throat. The left hand grabs wildly at my hair, your body arches slightly, you tense and clench deeply within your stomach.  You relax slightly, holding your throat in your hand and I continue to move my tongue around the edges. In a flash, I slide my now determined tongue inside your pink lips, fucking your pussy with my tongue, sucking at your lips and biting your soft flesh. My hands rise to caress your firm breasts and roll your hard nipples between my warm fingers – all this while my cock throbs for you. I yearn to be inside you, to unleash myself within you, to come to fill, to fuck!

I can tell by how wet you are that you’re ready for me. I lick my lips as I rise up from your swollen pussy, knowing that your desires and needs are being slowly satisfied.

All I can taste is you; all I can smell is you, all I want is you. In this moment of pure pleasure all I want is to make you happy, hear you scream my name, dig your manicured red fingernails into my back as my being fills you and pleases you.

As you lie there breathless I begin to caress your body with kisses. My lips are warm against your skin, slowly working my way upward and kissing every last inch of flesh. Kisses turn to slight licks as I reach your beautiful breasts, your nipples pert and firm. I glide my tongue around each one, leaving them to glisten from my mouth.  I travel along your skin, relentlessly kissing your collar bone, your neck, biting your ear, each lobe adorned with a tiny red ruby stud. I am kissing and whispering words of passion, lust and love to you, and you moan in delight at my secret prose.

Holding myself over you, hovering above your skin, feeling your warmth radiate from your body to mine, I lower my hips toward you. I feel myself brushing against you, and feeling you against me for the first time nearly tip’s me over the edge, almost filling the world with stars before time.

I place the tip of my swollen shaft against your beautiful lips, sliding the length of my cock along you, lubricating myself with your sweet juices, and caressing the tip against your clit. You lie before me, a vision of perfection.

Your fiery auburn hair caresses your neck line, and you play with it, running your fingers through it so seductively I can hardly breathe. My eyes widen as your hand glides downward and you start rubbing your breasts. You close your eyes and bite down on your lip, cupping yourself and pinching your pert nipples. I press myself against your tight hole, and with a little pressure I enter you, my tip pushing past your lips slowly.

You moan as your body accepts my cock, and you arch your back and tighten as you take me in. I push deeper still with gentle, slow strokes. I become more covered in your juices with every movement until I am all the way inside you.

I look down to see that your pussy holds my cock beautifully. I slowly slide out, watching in fascination as your lips pull against my shaft as if it were your mouth. My cock glistens with your moistness, as we feel one other, savoring in this moment, enjoying the calm.

Running your fingers round the back of my neck, caressing and pulling my hair as I thrust, holding my face in your hands, your fingers are light and delicate against my cheeks. Smiling softly at me, your eyes are full of happiness as you pull me in for a deep and passionate kiss. You moan into my mouth as you taste yourself. We are drinking each other in, our tongues meeting between our lips, dancing together. We hold each other’s gaze as we kiss, our bodies joined. Watching your eyes with every thrust, I hold myself inside you, pressing myself against you, grinding hard. You bite my lower lip and smile. I can taste your hunger, your thirst, your desire.

The fire below building in us both, our bellies burning with need.

You mouth to me, “Take me.” Those are the words I have waited so long to hear.

I’ve been waiting since we first met, since your kiss burned a hole through me.

My need for you has left me aching, every moment leading up to this one, every heart beat pounding a hole through my chest, an emotional whirlwind of dancing lights and wild sound,  burning desires coursing through my stomach deep inside. I feel I want to explode in a flourish of colour and passion.

Before I know it, you’ve wrapped your legs around my back and rolled me over so that you are straddling me.

A look of surprise washes over my face and I break in to a beaming smile. You smile back and look down at me. “Actually I think I’ll do the taking,” you say as you sit upon me.

Rocking slowly back and forth, you ease me to slide out of your body until only the tip is caressing your swollen lips.  Then you begin slowly pressing back down on me, and my eyes roll back as you grip against me, tightening around my shaft. I find myself wondering if you do yoga and the thought quickly vanishes as you bite my right nipple, a moment of pain is soon replaced with a wonderful, tingling sensation.

I grab you by the arms and pull you down to me. Your breasts are pressed against my chest, and I think to myself how my hairs must be tickling your nipples. You kiss me, and our mouths remain closed but are full of lust. You’re grinding down hard on me, grinding your clit against me, circling tightly around my cock.

My hands grip your hips, pressing your body to mine, wishing that this moment would never end, and your tongue finds its way in to my mouth searching out my own. They meet, as if meeting for the first time. It takes me back to when we first kissed on that wonderful night, lips meeting, our tongues danced as we did, slowly and sensuously, never breaking contact, relishing in that moment of pure passion.

You release and sit upon me once again, rocking back and forth. I bring my left hand up and softly caress your breasts, toying with your nipples, licking across my thumb to tease around the soft flesh, to mark you. My right hand has other ideas. I slide it slowly up your left leg from the knee, up to your belly button. It tickles you because you grip me hard nearly causing an early release. Slowly, I trace your skin until my fingers meet with your mound, warm from pleasure. I slide my thumb lower, caressing the top of your hood, rubbing and circling against your clit, and you moan loudly and arch back. Sliding your left hand against my thigh, with your right cupping your breast, massaging yourself, I watch in wonder at the angel who sits upon me. You are the woman who makes me happy, fills my life with joy, and one day…

I find myself gripping the sheets!

Your moans intensify as you thrust downward onto me, practically pushing me through the bed. I can’t help thinking you’ll break me, but it would be worth every second.

Every thrust is harder and stronger than the one before.  I thrust back almost bouncing you upwards. You gasp and almost lose it. You fall to me, your arms around my neck, mine around your waist, and kiss me deeply and with passion. You grasp my shaft so tightly as you envelope me, our bodies meet, clashing together, the ache, the burn, the desire is almost upon us.

I roll you back under me in a second, our bodies still connected. I’m panting so much, my heart pounding as though it wants to escape from my chest, my blood rushing through my veins.

I cannot wait any longer to feel you around me, enveloping me, pulling me in, taking me, watching me with burning eyes, looking deep in to my soul, tasting my love for you.

I move my hands from holding your legs slightly bent at the knee. I release them and tower over you slightly, and you open your eyes slowly.  As you see me, I smile softly at you and I kiss your beautiful mouth just as I push myself back inside.

I taste you and feel you moan into my mouth as you wrap your arms round my neck.  I push myself against your exquisite breasts, squeezing them between us.

”Alex,” I hear you moan, and my name on your lips is a siren’s call.

As my cock begins to glide in and out, we are both moaning and lost in each other. Your legs are tightly wrapped around me, pulling against me as if to push my cock deeper inside your already soaking pussy. My balls slap against you as my thrusts become harder, grunting as I fuck you.






Each moment feels like a thousand. Each caress of your lips is like an explosion in my soul.

Each taste of you is like the sweetest honey. It’s so good, so very good.

I never want it to end…forever…always.

We writhe and buck together for what feels like an eternity, our lust and desire growing, our bodies flowing. Every movement is like no other, but we feel the waves growing, the warmth inside our bodies screaming. Our muscles clenching, our teeth biting at flesh, your back arching as my world explodes. The stars come out and I flood you with my come which pushes you beyond the threshold.

You hold your breath deeply and let it all out in a huge gasp of pleasure, waves of fantastic orgasm flow over and between us. A million moments of pleasure course through us in seconds.

Our bodies are bathed in light sweat as our hearts pound and our eyes snap wide open. I kiss you, and you kiss back harder, filling my mouth with your tongue, your flavour, your taste. Our noses are pressed to one another’s; intensely holding on as if our lives depended on it. Our bodies begin to slow, waves of pleasure still surprisingly tight, and we fall in to each other’s arms.

I reach down to the floor and find the sheet that covered you and drape it over our bodies.

The cotton sheets cover us and conceal our union.

There are soft kisses between us, those little ones that say, “I love you no matter what happens, no matter how our lives pan out.”

Your fingers caress my chest as mine follow the curves of your hip. Gazing into your eyes, I know you are forever mine and I am forever yours.

We lie together in silence, occasionally smiling or kissing. Slowly the night creeps in and we relax.

I whisper into the dark, “I love you Jade.”

You’re already asleep.

But I know you love me back.

I don’t need to hear you say it.

© Darwin Blake 2012

The Almost Famous Author.


8 thoughts on “The Beginning.

  1. The anticipation is like an aphrodisiac!

  2. Ever so mysterious, I want to slap you and say mosquito….

  3. Oh, my! An absolutely wonderful piece. 🙂

  4. WoW! That is all. I’m going for a cold shower now….followed by an ice bath…yeah…

  5. Whoa. Oh. My. Fricking. Speechless. Mr Blake…..amazing!

  6. Damn Sir …just read again and the impact is even better the second time round….TY xx

  7. That was so erotic but tastefully done. ..Thank you! 🙂

  8. Incredibly sensual and erotic, tongue peeking to moisten lips, and an absentminded finger stroking the mouth softly, backwards and forwards. I would say Mr Darwin that no, I was not affected by The Flourish, no, not at all…she smiles.

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